The Fast

Shopping Cart On Day 1

I’m doing a “juice” fast, similiar to what is seen in the documentary “fat, sick, and nearly dead”

The Basic Overview:

  1. The fast is for 60 days
  2. Don’t expect miracles, think of this as a reboot to the system, you will still need to learn how to eat better while on this diet.
  3. Drink 3 fresh blended green juices or smoothies  a day or 2 and a salad
  4. I highly suggest getting a check up before and during the fast
  5. Get an accountability partner(s), or post your progress on Facebook. You need to have support. This is crucial.
  6. Break the Fast SLOWLY. You need to maybe change one meal day to a something with meat or carbs for at least 60 days afterwards
  7. You can always fast again.

My 60 Day Fast Details:

  • I’m not “juicing” per se.  I use a Blendtec blender instead of a juicer.  (You can totally use a juicer)   The Blendtec is an industrial computerized blender similar to the Vitamix that you may have seen in Costco, or making frappacinos at Starbucks, or in the “will it blend” YouTube videos.  You can make everything from ice cream, to baby food, to peanut butter, to almond milk, juice, smoothies and even HOT soup in the same machine just by pushing the button that says “soup” or “juice”. It even turns itself off when done.  The juice it makes has the fiber still in it and the “green” juices your drinking will be a little thicker then that juices that come from a juicer.

So why didn’t I buy a juicer.  Simply this… if this fast/diet failed I’d have a juicer that I’d never use.  This blender I actually bought because I can make my wife ice cream, frappacinos, and baby food. The selection for juicers and blenders is MIND BOGGLING, youtube and the internet has a lot of info and at some point I will try to make some recommendations based on my findings. I will say it is hard to blend apples in a blender.

  • I can’t juice at work, I eat salads.  That’s not to say YOU can’t juice at work. I don’t like taking pre-made juice to work, it seems to go bad very quickly, it has no preservatives in it, so the juice would have to be in something airtight like a mason jar filled to the brim. That is a pain. So i eat salads at work with the same stuff as what is in my juices.. though I tend to add a few more things like onions and nuts for protein in the salad because they taste good, they fit in to the fast, but you can’t juice them.  I change up the dressing between, a spoonful of fresh salsa ( you can make in the blender), balsamic vinegar (not vinaigrette with oil, just the vinger), Lime juice, lemon juice, and cracked pepper. NO salt.  I use a combination of those things to make my dressings. These topping are essentially 0 calories, or darn close to it.
  • While I wish I could be organic, it can cost a fortune, I use veggies I can afford and the rest of my family likes, like romaine, celery, baby carrots, etc…
  • I still drink diet sodas.  While this diet is a DE-cleansing diet, cola really shouldn’t b e a part of it.  However, calorically diet sodas are zero so from a weight loss perspective they are fine, even better then juice drinks bought at a store. Plus, I love the taste. Drinking sodas make the early days of the fast a lot easier to deal with, for me this was something that I felt woudl help me stay on the diet.  If you want the full cleanse, stay away.
  • I did not stop myself from going out to eat, at least after the 1st week or so. I made the decision that I will go anywhere that has a salad, or fruit bowls, or some combination of both.  Realize that you will be tempted, people won’t understand this diet, and some salads both cost a lot AND have more calories then some of the meals with meat.  However, stick to it, eat the salad that is as close to what I mention above, and eat a lot of it f you are a buffet.  If you are stuck with having to get a dressing on the salad, get a vinaigrette…. nothing with a cream base no thousand island, ranch, blue cheese, french, etc…

You can also have your juice before you go out and just have a drink or apple/orange juice with dinner, if you have the will power to sit through a meal watching others eat.

  • I didn’t work out until day 35.  You totally can, I just didn’t.  I had already lost well over 20lbs by then.
  • I chose a time that didn’t have big family meals like Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc…
  • It’s only 60 days.. that’s the time between Halloween and Christmas, wouldn’t you want to lose 30lbs between Halloween and Christmas?
  • When you break the fast you need to break it slowly!!! All the research and personal accounts of people failing after this is becasue they jumped back into eating normally too quickly.  I plan on adding one meal back in and that meal will not have potatoes, pastas, or red meat in it, and I will have the “breaking fast” for 90 days.  That’s my plan because those are the foods that I know that will get me in trouble quickly.  Staying away form those will help me keep the calories low and yet allow my food to be more diverse.
  • Get your protein in. I use an organic bean sprout protein powder, beans, or mixed unsalted nuts for protein. Women can use Soy. guys should not use whey unless that are hitting the gym like crazy during this.
  • Learn to count calories. Try this website to learn more than you ever wanted to know, plus they have cool calculators to figure out weight loss goals.
  • Pray and thank God

7 thoughts on “The Fast

  1. As your wife, I am so amazed by your will power. You look absolutely fabulous. 🙂 I love you.

    I look forward to living a “healthier” lifestyle with you.

    • YEs! and it is the best way to read this blog by reading about those 60 days first. I just added a Day 1 of fast link and a calendar to the blog. After the re-design I didn’t realize I had lost the ability to easily go back. Sorry about that. My initial “blogging” was all done on Facebook. I archived the first 60 days from there (without the private comments form Friends and family) to this blog. Which is why a bunch of it all takes place on the same day as I went and reposted all of those facebook updates here. I really need to go back and edit the crud out of my spelling grammar mistakes but at least now there is an easy way to go back and read them. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! Good luck!

  2. Chris, thanks so much for putting a “real world” angle on the juice fast. I am so grateful to read all of your wisdom and insights, cannot wait to start my juice fast!

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