I’ve been getting a lot of questions and I try to answer them in posts and in the comments and on other blogs, but I’d like to archive some of my answers in one place.. so here we go:

  1. Would you be willing to share the recipes and amounts drank, to stay on a 40.00 budget? I have done a three day and would be interested in trying a longer reboot, however I have had a hard time with the expense. Thank you and congratulations!
    1. See my Page here
    2. My basic juice was this.. 1/2 to 1/3 of a romaine hearts (you can get 5 to abag at costco or 3 to bag at a krogers) or a healthy handfull of baby spinach out of a bag, a handful of fruit usually grapes or strawberries. half a cumber – i never spent more than a buck on these or a celery stick, 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water, 2 cubes of ice to chill. this was my baseline juice.

      Then I’d add in something fun could be half a green pepper or maybe some water melon if it was on sale. maybe I’d used some clementine, you can get a ton of those and they last longer.

      also basically forgo “organic”, if you are like me eating this many veggies is more organic then I’ve ever been anyway, when you get to a smaller size you can switch to a more organic version of everything, also stay with simpler juices with ingredients that are always available and spice it up with low cost seasonal fruits or things on sale. i also used a blendtec blender to juice, so i was eating some of the pulp with the juice which also meant i needed less produce to feel full

  2. Did you use any dressing on your salad?
    1. I would use lemon or lime juice or salsa.. I would also occasionally use balsamic or apple cider vinegar by itself. At 5 calories it was negligible and tasty and all of these I felt it were in the “spirit” of the juice fast while fitting into my work schedule.
  3. How did you battle hunger/ carb cravings early on…when I just drink/ eat fruits and veggies for a day, I feel so sick and weak
    1. first, like the movie assume the first 3 days are going to be your worst. You’re trying to figure out which jucies you like, which make you gag etc… so start on long weekend or a midday friday. Drink water and eat MORE… this is a fast not a starvation diet, your not replacing 3 square meas with 3 juice ones.. just eat more fruits and veggies. plus REAL hunger occurs in the mouth not the stomach, what you are feeling is a trained response, so is the carb crave, you’ve trained your body like Pavlov’s dog, your liver and intestine are doing something new.. they are eating away at your excess fat, you are changing and your body is in a shock. it is all mental and will go away I swear it. I know this becasue you are eating carbs.. all that fruit and veggies have a ton of sugar. Also, go to sleep early and have handful of unsalted mxed nuts right before bed.For me Spaghetti, fries, and steak sandwichs are definitely my crutch and I knew I’d want those the most, and I couldn’t have picked worst things to stick in my mouth. I made a promise to myself that once I hit my goal that not only would I eat those things again, but I would eat the very best and only the very best of them.. but only once a month or maybe even longer. I decided that I wanted to live better not just healthier. I’d rather have an amazing pizza from a top local joint once in awhile, then a 5 buck little Cesars junk food 3 times a week. It really is all in your head.

      The last piece of advice I can tell you is this.. don’t do it alone, find a support group, a friend, a family member, or a website that will listen and give encouragement over those cravings.

  4. Hey is there anyway you can disclose the shopping list you used to do it for 40 dollars a week?
    1. Just for you go here 
  5. I am only drinking juice during this time, no solid foods. Is this not right? Or does it come down to personal preference? Also I am a big guy, mostly fat but good muscle base, and I am afraid that I will lose a lot of muscle during this reboot because of a lowered protein intake. Any recommendations?
    1. A lot of juciers (people) will just do the liquid and add in protein powder. I suggest “garden of life” RAW sprout protein, it fits best with the “sprit” of raw juicing without the drawbacks of soy intake for men and whey being fattening/made of animal fat. some people will also juice nuts. After watching the movie I did a but load of research before i started, and I still do. I used a blendtec fancy blender instead of a juice for instance, because it made sense, income wise, to have a do it all machine and research show there was virtually no difference in the benefits between the types of juices the 2 make.Also, I personally didn’t like the taste of juice that had been prepared before work for lunch, and in my office bringing a juice in would have been impracticable.. although with the new nutribullet you probably could! So i took the SAME imgrediants in the same quantities that I used in the juicer and turned them into salads that I ate during the day, while I wasn;’t “unlocking” as much “potential” it worked for me, was still in the spirit of the fast, and allowed em to do things like go out to lunch with co-workers (I could grab a salad anywhere just knock of the dressing and meat if any. ) I also go to chew! In the winter I also made tomato juices with hot seasoning and them warmed them up and added in raw bits of veggies. again within the spirit of the juice (although slightly cooked)

      You shouldn’t worry about losing muscle for a couple of reasons,

    2. A: your fat right? what good are muscles if they are behind a protective coating,focus on the fast, then the lifestyle. this is a reboot there will be a new you on the other side of this that is built and awesome!B: Get into the groove of the fast maybe 20-40 days and then start working out, this does 2 things it make you realize that working out is SMALL part of posing weight not the big part and 2 you will be more motivated.

      C: as you begin to work out (i did it everyday for most of this last year) you should mix in heavy cardio with body weight and barbell training You can always build muscle and its not like overnight your going to become a wimpy guy, it takes a while to break down muscle and as long as you keep the muscle moving and doing something your body will PREFER to eat up your fat instead of the muscle, plus weighing less mean your strength to body ratio is going to change and you’ll be stronger then you ever thought even will a little muscle loss.

      I also suggest eating raw unsalted mixed nuts (best place to buy is target archer farms) a handful in the morning and a handful at night.

      big note:

      You’ll probably get a little dizzy occasionally when standing up or down in a week or so. this is normal from the protein loss and your body just needs to find its new normal balance. It goes away it like 2 seconds but can freak people out!. If this happen increase you protein powder intake for a day or 2 or nuts. You can try peanut butter on celery too every once in awhile.

  6. I know you are an inspiration to many people like myself. I keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow then I will but only for a couple of days before I find myself going back to my old eating habits. What I find the most challenging is trying to juice and still make meals for my family. The food and smells are tempting and it just makes staying on the fast a bigger challenge. Any suggestions on how to overcome those obstacles?
    1. I cooked almost every night for my family, so i know how you feel.First, you family needs to be on board, Have a heart to heart with them let them know how difficult this is for you and give them permission to be lovingly forceful to you! Let them call you out on sneaking food or bad habits, They know even if you think they don’t.

      Second, MAKE the salad or juice or smoothie first, and eat it while you prepare their dinner, What you are doing has to be a selfish act on some level, even if your doing it to be healthy for your family, part this is about YOU. so take care of your food first, then eat it while you cook, Hopefully you’ll be full by dinner time for the rest of them to eat. Then it is probably not a good idea to sit down with them to eat for awhile, so watch some tv or do a hobby, go for a walk, go for drive, even go to sleep, something else instead of sitting there watching them eat. I know that if the chip are within reach I’ll grab for them almost subconsciously!

      It is very important for you to remember that this s not a DIET this is a FAST. There should be an end date. 15, 30, 60, 90 days out, there should be a day to look forward to when you lifestyle change is made.. It will take about 15 days for your body to crave the healthy stuff. So set a date that you will have the awesome things you want again.

      Hopefully by then you’ll have been a rockstar for 60 days, be down 30 lbs and your mental state will be clear. You’ll be prepared for a Break-fast and set for calorie counting, maybe you’ll be exercising. It is a journey but for now just focus on 2 goals. 1st eat raw fruits, veggies, and nuts/beans. 2nd do that for XX days. The rest will come. Don’t make failure an option.

      lastly.. It’s ALL in YOUR head, I thought of this whole thign as a series of laziness, or NOT doings instead of To Dos….

      It should be the easiest thing in the world to NOT doing something right? Don’t put food in your mouth and you won’t eat it. It not like your family is going to pick up a fork and put food in their for you. You just have to be too lazy to lift a fork 😉 !

      Tell yourself this: You have to want to be thinner more than a steak. You have to want to be healthier then a bowl a spaghetti. You have to love your family more then a bag of Doritos. You have to love yourself more than a mac & cheese. Hope this helps.

      My 60 days (and now year of change ) have been quite the mental roller coaster.. but worth every damn minute of it.

    2. Also, Try putting a mirror in the kitchen. or in your food cupboard. As a reminder to face yourself. Facing the “man in the mirror” is an elegantly simple way to talk to your mental self. 
  7. ??

What blenders do you use/recommend?

I use a blendtec blender. I love the automation of it. Vitamix is also popular but more expensive, has options, and is taller, but its a rock solid performer and will last for years. The nutribullet will also juice and is the cheapest option.

I don’t recommend the magic bullet or the ninja as I’ve yet to see a real good ‘juice’ come from one and I sliced my finger on the damn ninja blades once.


5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Chris, how many times did you juice per day? The reboot website plans suggest 5 juice meals daily. I’m using a blender so I’m ingesting a lot of pulp; I don’t get hungry often enough to juice 5x and I’m not sure I can keep down that much. Is this an adjustment you made as well?

    • I did it with a blender as well, and I only juiced 2-3 times a day 3 on the weekends and 2 during the day with a salad at lunch because it was hard for me to juice at work, and I didn’t want to bring it. Then I’d snack on raw carrots or celery or sometimes fruit. You can attest that ingesting the pulp fills you up and uses a lot less produce. make sure your getting in your protein via unsalted nuts, bean sprout powder, and/or beans. Good luck with the fast. How many days are you doing?

  2. Glad I found your blog! I tried the juice fast a while ago but it was so much work having to juice so many times a day. I’m going to try what you did with the mix of blending and eating salads at lunch (not convenient for me either to juice at work). Thanks for all the great information you’ve posted. You’re a wonderful inspiration!

    • So glad you asked this question! I will be posting about that very thing!! Keep tuned in for everything you ever wanted to know about poo and you! I will turn that post into a FAQ as well!

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