Day 1- sort of

This blog chronicles Chris Hollomon’s 60 day juice/raw fast.  The initial posts are REPOSTED from Facebook status over that time.  I am using this as an archive of those 60 days.   I will also be documenting the fast I did, recipes I made, what I’ve learned in the process, and the breaking of the fast diet, and life beyond.

There are no posts on January 1st, 2012 – which was also the first day of the fast.  The idea behind this fast came from the documentary ” Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” Which was suggested to me by my sister and future brother-in-law.   On day one I weighed 313 lbs.  My only desire was the reboot my lifestyle and start on a healthy path, if weight loss came with it then great.  To learn about what I exactly did read “The Fast” section of this blog.

The archive of facebook status’s start on Day 2 – January 2nd, 2012. 

I chose to do this on Facebook so that I would have an ‘accountability partner’ in the form of my friends.  This turned out to be extremely benficial to the entire process I was inspired by my friends comment and they in turn were inspired by me. God Bless them all. Now on with the show….


8 thoughts on “Day 1- sort of

  1. Day One: Started using my blender following your budget fast. The morning juice was delicious. I added coconut water and am forgoing the peanuts (for now). Onward and ‘downward’! 🙂

    Looking UP!

    • Oh good luck with it, and way to make the recipe your own!!! Let me know about your progress and if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask and check out some of he answers you’ll find posted.

  2. Hi Chris,
    First off I just bought my Blendtec! It’s more than I can afford right now, but my happiness and my life is more important than money! I have always been 120-145 lbs and 5’4. I had my daughter 4 yrs ago (miserable pregnancy, with a ton of complications) I was 204lbs when I delivered! I have had a horrible stress filled up and down life since then. So, consequently my weight fluctuates horribly and I can’t lose weight!!! I have tried every diet out there. It’s the same old thing. I begged my husband to buy this for me as I’m a stay at home mom since I moved out of state. I have a promise to fulfill (stick with it, lose weight, quit bitchin, or he takes my blendtec back :))..) I’m ready to do this!! For so many reasons!! I’m a follow step by step kind of girl to make sure I’m doing this correctly. I have been searching for hours and reading all the stories on here.. I found a shopping list and daily recipes but it only went up to week two? Can I find the complete 60 days on here??
    Thank you for posting everything you have, It gives me hope for my future!!

    • I will do my best to post more for you! I’d hate for you to lose your blendtec! Sorry i had an aweful lot of life get in the way of this blog, but ill get some more recipies up, but it is kinda boring of a menu… The blender will save you a lot in the end over a juicer! Plus, make some ice cream for him or a frappacino! Good luck and ill get on it!

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