Shopping lists for $40 a week.

I was ask by a commenter to post my grocery list to see how i did $40 dollars a week so here you go…

Tips: Only buy what you need when you need it, I averaged about every 5 days to the store for something. If you purchase to far in advanced you end up wasting so much. Also, invest in gallon zip lock bags or those “green bags” that absorb the “rippening” gases to reseal your produce to make your purchases last longer

The list:
Since each week is diffeernt I’ll give a basic idea or what a basket would look like.

Cart example 1:

  • Bag of 3 romaine hearts or is at costco a bag of 6!
  • Case of tangerines
  • bunch of grapes
  • 3-4 bananas
  • bell peppers
  • bag of onions (will last 2 week or more for salads!)
  • peeled baby carrots

Cart example 2:

  • Bag or 2 of baby spinach or baby kale
  • bunch of grapes
  • box of strawberries
  • bag of sweet pepper 3 big or a bunch of small ones
  • a cucumber
  • can of unsalted mixed nuts (target has the best deal)
  • bunch of carrots

Cart example 3:

    • 2 iceberg lettuce head
    • celery
    • blue berries and black berries
    • peeled baby carrots
    • bag of apples or apple juice if blending
    • can of unsalted mixed nuts (target has the best deal)
    • a watermelon or a pineapple

lemon and limes

Extras to have around that will last a few weeks:

  • balsamic vinegar
  • powdered ginger (goes further and last longer than ginger root)
  • garlic
  • RAW organic sprout protein powder
  • Cans of beans
  • Salsa

22 thoughts on “Shopping lists for $40 a week.

  1. I just saw Fat, Sick and nearly dead and was very intrigued by it. I was however somewhat discouraged when I saw the cost per day. My husband and I both would like to juice. When I saw your information I was so excited by your price that is definitely do able.
    I was looking at your list and was just wondering what you use the raw organic sprout powder for?
    Congratulations on your success! You look amazing!

    • What you don’t see in the movie is the need for protein (especially low fat) in your diet. The bean sprout protein is great for men because it doesn’t have the problem soy does with acting like estrogen in large quantities, nor does it have the fat and animal issues like whey protein powders do. You’ll need to eat protein with beans, nuts, powders, seeds, etc… During your fasting period or you’ll get dizzy, you’ll have some muscle loss, but once you get to amount where you can exercise you’ll curb and rebuild that. My shopping list works for blending style juicing, juicers especially the speedy brevilles (look at a vert) spit out a lot pulp although not everyone like the the extra texture I highly recommend the blender route. As the initial cost is the same and you’ll get more out of it in the long run.

      God bless and good luck on you fast, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  2. How do the above lists last for 5 days? Also, if 2-3 people are doing it together do I double or triple these amounts? We really need to do something to get healthier and this looks like a great option to us.

    • This list was just for me. I’ve started a day-by-day with recipes and grocery list that may help you determine the need. Fat, Sick, and nearly dead says that a “juicer” fast will cost roughly $14 per day.. My blender fast cost much less than that, but with more than one person I’d highly suggest buying your produce in bulk at a sams/costco/bj’s and sticking to simple ingredients that you can buy a lot of like strawberries, romaine, spinach, peppers, and grapes, apples/apple juice, clementines, cucumbers and celery..

  3. Did you strictly do a juice fast for 60 days or did you have things to chew on for protein during the day? Wondering because I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and need some sort of protein.

    • I used unsalted mixed nuts (the best buy I’ve found is the ones at target (archer farms) i also used beans on my salads sometimes and i used bean sprout (not soy soy) protein powder in some of my drinks

    • Kunjji look at the links above I have a recipe link and the 60 day day by day turns this shopping list into a recipe list for 7 days and eventually I’ll have all 60 days

    • Powdered garlic holds up better over the long run in my opinion. And unless you can get come monster garlic bulbs, you won’t find them very strong, which is good for juicing I suppose, I don’t use garlic much in my juices, for cooking and salads I tend to use a pre chopped garlic or powered. Or I’ll put in fresh garlic and augment with powdered if it isn’t strong enough or the heat killed the flavor.

  4. I am just shocked on your list you have banana’s. I have a breville and was scared to put them in. What juicer do you have ? I eat banana’s daily for breakfast but did not know you could juice them. I am scared they would get caught in the filter.

    • Ah that my secret.. No just kidding… As the opening remarks mentions, I use a very fancy BLENDER not a juicer. The fancy blender will masticate te heck out of a banana, although it going to be a little more smoothie like, but adding water thins it to most a juice. Bananas don’t juice in juicers, at Least lot a breville. Maybe an omega vert. Blenders have limits too, apple are hard to juice in a blender everything else wil juice, but apple make apple sauce, because its not being squeezed.

      For some reason it won’t release it’s juice without being squeezed. Although I’ve had luck with very very soft types of apples, but they don’t have that nice crispness I’d like in a juice.

      Good luck! You can always pour your juice in even a cheap blender with a banana and get a similar effect.

      But watching for bananas they can be dangerous if used too much, much like avocados.

    • I use a blendtec blender. I love the automation of it. Vitamix is also popular but more expensive, has options, and is taller, but its a rock solid performer and will last for years. The nutribullet will also juice and is the cheapest option.

      I don’t recommend the magic bullet or the ninja as I’ve yet to see a real good ‘juice’ come from one and I sliced my finger on the damn blades once.

  5. But thats not really a reboot is it, then. Youre confusing people by calling your diet a reboot, when its just a vegitarian diet witha lot of blenderized smoothies. The whole point of the reboot is the juice, and only juice, diet. Thats what a reboot is.
    The juicing gives the gut a rest, it allows you to quickly absorb micronutrients without working hard. They reset the body.
    While youre diet is awsome and is healthy and balanced, it isnt a reboot, but a vegetarian way of life to follow AFTER a reboot.
    Also, the protein thing, have you ever seen a great big muscley horse or cow eat meat or nuts or beans? No, they eat grass. Grass, hay, pea pods sometimes. Greens like kale or spinach are packed with enough protein for a reboot!

    • I appreciate the comment. I was inspired by the movie, and the first fast I did, was all juice at first, but I wasn’t getting enough protein and the movie doesn’t explain it well so I had to figure a lot out on my own. I was getting dizzy on juice, and found out about bean protein powder, and raw food that I could use or juice to get protein. I did a lot of independent research, to figure out the ‘science’ and we’ll pseudo-science that goes along with this whole thing.

      Now I juice 2 out of three meals a day, and that works for me, I have a meal that is raw juice equivalent. And yes it is vegetarian, which as I’ve said still fits the ‘spirit’ of the fast.

      But I’ve been clear that I don’t believe in the whole toxin stuff. I believe fasting is

      Good for the body

      And great way to lose weight healthy and fast

      And a great way to improve your health by allowing your body to get lots of those micronutrient, and other goodies, and low salt, it also allows your body to rest in the sense of dealing with fats, chemicals from processed foods, and your body gets efficient at breaking down food.

      I also notice that I don’t tend to catch a lot of bugs when juicing.

      I would bet that my gut is still getting a great rest, in general.

      I don’t intend to misrepresent at all. I hope I haven’t, and if I did not make it clear, I will fix it as best I can. I appreciate comments to make this the best blog I can.

      Also, the reboot people asked me to share my story and I think that speaks volumes as the efficacy of this way, plus i did it on a budget and I think this works for some, for that purpose, if I could do what they did in the movie, I totally would.

      I hope this helps, and keep the comments coming! I appreciate it.

  6. The next type of juicer is called a masticating
    juicer because it extracts juice using a repetitive pressing movements.

    Thus, it is important to remain at top shape so that
    you can succeed despite the occasional glitch in life.

    Some of these juicer machines actually claim themselves as well, just
    by you adding warm water and turning on the juicer to let
    it run.

  7. Hi I am vegan and gained 80 pounds in the 5 years I have been vegan! I work a sit down job and am tethered to a desk 10 hours a day. I have a juicer and a ninja and need a reboot! I cannot afford to sign up since my two adult sons returned to the next andI would like to try to reboot my own since I cannot afford the fee to sign up for it. . Any advice, recipes, shopping list or guidance you can give would be really greatly appreciated! If I could drink all my meals for a few weeks I would be able to do it. Please help me if you can . You can add me on FB or message me @ Thanks and congratulations on your continued success!

    • Well I can try and hep best i can. first a jucer will cost more to use in general. but my exprirence eith a regular ninja blender (not the bullit artle one) is that the juice tends to come ot salsa consistency. now you couod probably overcome that by adding more water to the blender with veggies. I would try a 60 day fast if i were you, if you’ve never done one before it will work beautifully, if you have results fluctuate. you going to have to lay off your go to carbs, as a vegan i bet you eat a lot of rice, breads, nuts, dries fruit, and pastas…

      those are all the big nonos. I’d pick uo some ‘RAW’ brand protein plant based non-soy protien powder and add a scoop every other day to at least one juice. tey to
      stay away from raw nuts for at least 2 weeks when starting if you can, dried fruits are extra sugars that are killer. just buy some over xounter apple juice and orange juice if you want to save money and drop in a 3rd cup as a sweetener if you want to a greens juice, appes dont juice well in a blender and oramge fan be very pulpy, now OTC juices have nutirient cooked away so, you don’t wanntto deink them alone, plus tbeybare cery sweet, but as an add in they are a great cheap alternative.

      i did salads with infused binger dor my
      lunches, that worked well for me ronlose weight, and i think is innthe spirit of the rrboot process, also it works with a job schedule much easier. feel free to email me…

  8. Amazing post. I read your posts all the time and you always do a good job articulating the whatever topic you’re writing about.
    Btw, I shared this on Twitter and my followers loved it.

    Keep up the great work!

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