Wagons – Day 28 – 2015 fast

I fell off the wagon this weekend… damn it. I went skiing and had a nice breakfast and had some nice drinks with friends, and some thai food.. annd hell they had fresh baked (delivered) cookies. WTF!… and while yes I had a crap load of salads too and made some small attempts to stay on track.. for the most part I fell off the wagon.. here I am on Day 28 of the fast and I F’d up.  I’m right back on it today, although I’m dreaming about bread and pasta.

I still have a 2 more months to rock out, so I have plenty of recovery time.. but i’ll be honest that my energy has been low.. really really low and while i STILL haven’t stepped on a scale (go me!) i don’t feel like I’ve lost all that much weight. My pants are a little looser and my face a little smaller, but it’s not like I’m back in my skinny jeans again. At least I’ve curb any more weight GAIN, but I sure would like t see the trend to be smaller sooner. I think my next big step is to find the time to hit the gym and get some weight lifting done. I think building up muscle mass is the next big step for me to get the body burning away. I’m going to hopefully join  a family practitioner I heard about and get a deep set of physical exams, i’d like to have a larger baseline of understanding to work from and get on board with a nutritionist.  Seems a bit extreme I know, but after this weight gain scare I really don’t want to ever have to go through another major fast again if I can help it.  Alright peace out and I’ll check back in soon.


Day 20- 2015 juice fast – stay on target.

So I’m on Day 20 of the 2015 fast… this one has stuck more than my reattempts in the past, I wish I could I’ve lost X amount of weight but the truth is, I haven’t’ stepped on a scale. I haven’t because I get addicted to that damn thing, its like a watch you have to keep checking over and over… so I decided that if I don’t look and just stay on target (insert obligatory star wars reference here).. that maybe I’ll last longer then other times… So far so good.  My pants are loosening a bit.. a tiny bit. But that is a good sign. My shirts don’t feel baggier yet, but I know that it comes with time and I’m not really exercising much right now, so hopefully when that adds to the regiment I’ll see more results.  I’ve been sticking to most fruits and veggies, lots of kale and grape juice. I’ve have been using almond milk for protein and I’ve also tried the 310 powdered juice and the Greens+ powder juice.  These are new conveniences for me for work, instead of eating a salad for lunch.  I couldn’t tell you what the health benefits are, but they are still in the spirit of this fast and I’m okay with breaking the “raw” rules with something that is low calorie and made of fruits, herbs, and vegetables.  I really want to get back to a comfortable size 34-36 pant and loose large shirt. I hope your sticking with your plans out there. It take time, but I know in the end it will give me back so much time.

I’m Back!

Day 5: Woot! Day five of my latest raw food juice fast and I’m going strong, it was nice to start at home for a couple of days at home before getting in to a work grind. How much do I weigh? I don’t know. I’m currently not addicted to a scale and the batteries died in ours, so… I’m just not going to even try and check for awhile. I think it will be good on my psych and I can save that motivation for later. right now, I just want to get back into the majority of my clothes. I can say that my back already feels better and I pee pretty much all the damn time!

I’ve had a lot of false RESTARTS.. and I’m awful at keeping up with a blog.

I’m aiming for another 60 days, with the hope that I can do 90-100 this time if I feel like I can get to my ultimate goal. Talk to you all soon!


Depression, Anger, Robin Williams, & Fat Little Boy.

Robin WilliamsRobin Williams saved my life. Not figuratively.

Let me backup. When I was a kid I LOVED Mork &Mindy. I even had a bright yellow Mork & Mindy night gown (don’t judge it was awesome). As I got older, and BIGGER. Robin Williams movies helped shape a fantastic world view of humor, and reality, and poetry. Heck, I even lost my virginity to date night viewing of dead poets society. However, movies are a farce, they are a collection of writers and directors making that magic happen, and whiel Robin deliver is fantastic and his improve in Good Morning Vietnam some of the best there has ever been… movies a collection of people making entertainment. Where I really came to love Robin Williams was in his stand-up comedy and his interviews. His stand up was raunchy and didn’t hold back, it was smart, much smarter than most people appreciate. His comic relief bits were amazing and I’m glad to have finally seen him perform live once. But I wish I could have told him something that maybe could have saved his life now. That he saved mine. Continue reading

Why I’ve not beenweighing in..

Well folks hardcore is good… But I got sick, real sick. And I got crazy busy at work on too of that, ruining my scheduled eating times. So I was famished when i got home.. If I got home. I tried but failure became an option and I took it. Mostly for the better. But now looking to get back in it.

I feel a tremendous sense of failure. I know my body was overtaxed. But besides that, I mentally let myself down. To more tho the losses weren’t as good as they should’ve been and I chalk that up 2 too things. 1: as you get closer to your ideal weight and your metabolism slows too you get a double whammy, the dreaded plateau hit sooner or you just lose slowly. I’m ok as long as I’m moving forwards, but I know that 2: if I were exercising as well if be knocking out even more weight and id be toning my body which it is sorely lacking after a crazy hot end of summer and a fridges winter here in central va. I don’t belong too gym. Nor can I afford it right now. So most of my exercise was done out doors and I’m just not prepared to hit then road I. The snow or sub 40 temps…. I just haven’t for the gumption yet. But thing will warmup soon and I’ll probably dot breaking fast diet with more intense exercise.

I also plan on getting my kids involved so that might be a whole other journey to follow!

Skip the weigh-in

I skipped the weigh in because I was on VAYCAY.. hollar… or something like that.  I figure I’m better off if I cna go 10 days wihtout weighing in anyway right?  In other news I want to make a big shout to a friend on Day 3 of a juice fast SOOO proud, I hope she changes her family tree for-ev-er! I know her kids will thank her for it!