Weigh in day 4 – (fast 2014)

Nothing lost nothing gained..

That’s right the needle didn’t move… And I’m. Totally fine with that…
Because I know why…

I was very sick this week, which is rare when I’m juicing, I usually do t kick sick… And I did feel like I kicked it fairly fast… But something else happened, I got dehydrated, and I ran out of protein powder and nuts. I thought I’d do okay with only occasional nuts from the grocery store.

I was wrong! And the weekend I woke up crazy dizzy, low blood pressure, dehydration, and low protein f’d me up. So I ate ‘normalish’ with some Greek salads,vitamins, and some chicken pasta, and some other stuff. Well it was heathy but defiantly off the diet, but it was the best way to get back. What in lost that I knew of.

Today I’m back on track but behind five days stinks…. But for now I’m okay with nothing lost and yet nothing gained.


Learn about sugar a bit


Day 15– weigh in day 3 (2014 fast)

1 pound.  one tiny pound.

at least it is the right direction.  but I blame myself… too much fruit in the diet, plus I did have one alcoholic drink this week. bummer. Trying to train the body to ditch the carbs, the fats, and the heavy protiens, but all im giving it is sugars to work it. I’m going to have to go greener with all my juices.. and that’s fine.  I need to and this just proves it.  Again my body is in starvation mode I’m sure and its trying to hold on to every little  ounce,, it needs to activate the fat breakdown more and I haven’t gotten there yet.  Although I feel like I’m coming down with a cold or something, I’ll keep pressing onward!

I knew it would be harder to lose drastically this time around.. as I’m not as far away as before.. but it would have been nice to have been wrong with that fact.  Hopefully i’ll be abel to add more exercise in as the weather improves.. but for now. 132 will have to do.

Stay fasting my friends…


Day 13 – weekends suck – (Fast 2014)

Oh man do weekends suck.

i just wanted to sleep all weekend… i know it’s part depression, but energy loss… but still it’s hard too be so out of the daily routine that everything looks like a temptation!  i ate too many salads this weekend and for that i regret.  Not that they will be bad for me per-se, but the juice really make things move along faster. Just for some reason I really really really want to crunch on something this weekend. I am beinging to feel a little lighter, especially after running after my daughter on her bike.  it was a good feeling to keep up as shes taking of on two wheels. (so proud).  I’m hoping this is the last of the freezing ass weather and I can get out on the pavement. I’ve seen other out.. but I’ve been too chicken shit to do it. that and Lethargic. Surprisingly so.

I do say I’ve enjoyed delving back into weight topics again, and looking into new recipes and juice topics. I’ve enjoy new and renewed conversation with folks about this fast and my previous weight loss.

I’d still like to join a gym, but Christmas hurt too badly and I just can’t afford it.  I knew it would, but the aftermath is just lingering too long. Anyway, as control in one are of your life picks up so do others…. although I’m still waiting for that to mentally sink in again.  I’ll get there.  Clothes are starting to feel a little less snug and that is a good sign.  I need to get back on the floor to do some planks.. but damn I hate doing those things at home, feels wrong somehow.   It definitely not comfortable, but as far as I can tell that the best way to shrink the belly.

I have talk to my wife.. and if I can get to 200 lbs, my final uber-goal.  Then we are going to look in to sink removal surgery. It will be the final act of defiance in this body, but the only sure fire way to get rid of these flabby leftovers.  I know I’ll need to wait for the elasticity to fully recover, but I know there will be some hanging loose still. It is at least something to look towards.  Any onward and juicewards!

Day 10 – weigh in day 2 (2014 fast)

The second weigh in day… The count is 233! That’s another 2 pounds. Yeah! I knew from past experience that it would be a little less… It like the days where I was rocking a pound off a day. But that’s ok, still moving in the right direction! Plus I’m now 1/6th of the way done! Time is blowing by, and I always forget that it does. I’ve said it
Before and I’ll say it again… I wish I had done this in college, or when I was single,
Or in high school. 60 day would have changed my whole life, and it would have been even easier!

Alright time to get this day started!

Really guilty over chocolate – day 8 (fast 2014)

So late last night my son was crying, and crying, and crying… And I was never much of an “emotional eater” but oh dear… It wouldn’t stop, he wouldn’t go to sleep, he wouldn’t stay in his bed… And while holding him and watching discovery channel to calm is. Us both down, I was in arm reach of choclate and damn it was good… I felt pretty much immediately aweful afterwards… But I justified it… I still attempt to justify it, their is even science that justifies it… But the truth is…. It doesn’t have a justification. Be has if doesn’t go in your mouth it can go in your body and if doesn’t go I. Your hand it doesn’t go in your mouth, and if hasn’t been a gift, I could say that if never enters the house it will never go in to my hand.

I can’t help think I could have been a little stronger.

Anyway that was just last night, it’s been a long day and I’m heading to bed!

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Day 7 – Smoothies

Today started with a banana, orange, and spinach juice. For lunch I popped over to tropical smoothie to get an island green with no sugar.  tropical smoothie is a excellent fall back if you forget a lunch, just realize that for MOST of their drinks they add sugar/sweetner.  You can ask for Splenda for a treat if you don’t care about the chemical aspect.  I don’t think you’d want to make a diet out of tropical smoothie, because it is majority ICE unlike your juices which are , well , juice. It gets the job done is a rough patch, and allows you to grab lunch on the go.

As far as mental state, I’m a little more lethargic in the evenings then i was the first go around, but that might be stress and weather as much as anything else.  You don’t realize hwo many damn food commercials there are till your not eating regularly.  It’s very hard to watch the food network… What’s funny is that I don’t’ get tempted by ACTUAL food that I prepare for my wife and kids.. but all the stuff of tv makes my mouth water. oh well. moving along!



Day 5! Weigh-In day (2014 fast)

Well I woke up today, pee’d …. because I’m giving myself the benefit of the extra weightloss… why the hell not right?

And I’m at 235!!

That is roughly 10 pounds in 5 days.. woot!

yes I wooted!  I’m happy that it seems to be on  a similar trajectory as it was a few years ago.  Nights are the hardest as I’m just going to bed early to ignore that fact that I’m usually a little hungry, but I take a multi-vitamin at bedtime, brush my teeth and drink some water which usually helps..  the going to sleep early thing was taught to be by more than one personal trainer.  It pops-up on all sorts of blogs and I think it was even on the biggest loser.  It actually easier to go to sleep  hungry then you think, what harder is staying up thinking about it.

I pee all the time right now, but thats to be expected, that is the primary way the weight is leaving my body, that and heat.  My liver , kidneys,and gallbladder are probably thanking me for relief, lol!

The weekends are always the hardest to stay on track, and this weekend was no different, although it has bee very helpful that my wife is on a calorie counting weightloss plan, and is juicing with me a bit. I went to the VFMA art museum today  for lunch and got the fruit salad and a bean and kale salad.  I’m trying to be more mindful of my protein intake this time around.. the bean salad was very good, and maybe I’ll drain some beans and add them to my salads once or twice a week for my lunches (I eat salads without dressing or with vinegar – no oil – for lunch because it difficult to juice at my office.)

Lets see what the next 5 days brings!