Wagons – Day 28 – 2015 fast

I fell off the wagon this weekend… damn it. I went skiing and had a nice breakfast and had some nice drinks with friends, and some thai food.. annd hell they had fresh baked (delivered) cookies. WTF!… and while yes I had a crap load of salads too and made some small attempts to stay on track.. for the most part I fell off the wagon.. here I am on Day 28 of the fast and I F’d up.  I’m right back on it today, although I’m dreaming about bread and pasta.

I still have a 2 more months to rock out, so I have plenty of recovery time.. but i’ll be honest that my energy has been low.. really really low and while i STILL haven’t stepped on a scale (go me!) i don’t feel like I’ve lost all that much weight. My pants are a little looser and my face a little smaller, but it’s not like I’m back in my skinny jeans again. At least I’ve curb any more weight GAIN, but I sure would like t see the trend to be smaller sooner. I think my next big step is to find the time to hit the gym and get some weight lifting done. I think building up muscle mass is the next big step for me to get the body burning away. I’m going to hopefully join  a family practitioner I heard about and get a deep set of physical exams, i’d like to have a larger baseline of understanding to work from and get on board with a nutritionist.  Seems a bit extreme I know, but after this weight gain scare I really don’t want to ever have to go through another major fast again if I can help it.  Alright peace out and I’ll check back in soon.


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