Day 20- 2015 juice fast – stay on target.

So I’m on Day 20 of the 2015 fast… this one has stuck more than my reattempts in the past, I wish I could I’ve lost X amount of weight but the truth is, I haven’t’ stepped on a scale. I haven’t because I get addicted to that damn thing, its like a watch you have to keep checking over and over… so I decided that if I don’t look and just stay on target (insert obligatory star wars reference here).. that maybe I’ll last longer then other times… So far so good.  My pants are loosening a bit.. a tiny bit. But that is a good sign. My shirts don’t feel baggier yet, but I know that it comes with time and I’m not really exercising much right now, so hopefully when that adds to the regiment I’ll see more results.  I’ve been sticking to most fruits and veggies, lots of kale and grape juice. I’ve have been using almond milk for protein and I’ve also tried the 310 powdered juice and the Greens+ powder juice.  These are new conveniences for me for work, instead of eating a salad for lunch.  I couldn’t tell you what the health benefits are, but they are still in the spirit of this fast and I’m okay with breaking the “raw” rules with something that is low calorie and made of fruits, herbs, and vegetables.  I really want to get back to a comfortable size 34-36 pant and loose large shirt. I hope your sticking with your plans out there. It take time, but I know in the end it will give me back so much time.


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