I’m Back!

Day 5: Woot! Day five of my latest raw food juice fast and I’m going strong, it was nice to start at home for a couple of days at home before getting in to a work grind. How much do I weigh? I don’t know. I’m currently not addicted to a scale and the batteries died in ours, so… I’m just not going to even try and check for awhile. I think it will be good on my psych and I can save that motivation for later. right now, I just want to get back into the majority of my clothes. I can say that my back already feels better and I pee pretty much all the damn time!

I’ve had a lot of false RESTARTS.. and I’m awful at keeping up with a blog.

I’m aiming for another 60 days, with the hope that I can do 90-100 this time if I feel like I can get to my ultimate goal. Talk to you all soon!



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