Why I’ve not beenweighing in..

Well folks hardcore is good… But I got sick, real sick. And I got crazy busy at work on too of that, ruining my scheduled eating times. So I was famished when i got home.. If I got home. I tried but failure became an option and I took it. Mostly for the better. But now looking to get back in it.

I feel a tremendous sense of failure. I know my body was overtaxed. But besides that, I mentally let myself down. To more tho the losses weren’t as good as they should’ve been and I chalk that up 2 too things. 1: as you get closer to your ideal weight and your metabolism slows too you get a double whammy, the dreaded plateau hit sooner or you just lose slowly. I’m ok as long as I’m moving forwards, but I know that 2: if I were exercising as well if be knocking out even more weight and id be toning my body which it is sorely lacking after a crazy hot end of summer and a fridges winter here in central va. I don’t belong too gym. Nor can I afford it right now. So most of my exercise was done out doors and I’m just not prepared to hit then road I. The snow or sub 40 temps…. I just haven’t for the gumption yet. But thing will warmup soon and I’ll probably dot breaking fast diet with more intense exercise.

I also plan on getting my kids involved so that might be a whole other journey to follow!


One thought on “Why I’ve not beenweighing in..

  1. Keep not quitting. Learn from every failure. Don’t make meaning out of failure! Just keep going. Love yourself. Keep challenging your own mind set regarding your limits, your thoughts, your assumptions. You will succeed. Never give up.




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