Day 15– weigh in day 3 (2014 fast)

1 pound.  one tiny pound.

at least it is the right direction.  but I blame myself… too much fruit in the diet, plus I did have one alcoholic drink this week. bummer. Trying to train the body to ditch the carbs, the fats, and the heavy protiens, but all im giving it is sugars to work it. I’m going to have to go greener with all my juices.. and that’s fine.  I need to and this just proves it.  Again my body is in starvation mode I’m sure and its trying to hold on to every little  ounce,, it needs to activate the fat breakdown more and I haven’t gotten there yet.  Although I feel like I’m coming down with a cold or something, I’ll keep pressing onward!

I knew it would be harder to lose drastically this time around.. as I’m not as far away as before.. but it would have been nice to have been wrong with that fact.  Hopefully i’ll be abel to add more exercise in as the weather improves.. but for now. 132 will have to do.

Stay fasting my friends…



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