Day 13 – weekends suck – (Fast 2014)

Oh man do weekends suck.

i just wanted to sleep all weekend… i know it’s part depression, but energy loss… but still it’s hard too be so out of the daily routine that everything looks like a temptation!  i ate too many salads this weekend and for that i regret.  Not that they will be bad for me per-se, but the juice really make things move along faster. Just for some reason I really really really want to crunch on something this weekend. I am beinging to feel a little lighter, especially after running after my daughter on her bike.  it was a good feeling to keep up as shes taking of on two wheels. (so proud).  I’m hoping this is the last of the freezing ass weather and I can get out on the pavement. I’ve seen other out.. but I’ve been too chicken shit to do it. that and Lethargic. Surprisingly so.

I do say I’ve enjoyed delving back into weight topics again, and looking into new recipes and juice topics. I’ve enjoy new and renewed conversation with folks about this fast and my previous weight loss.

I’d still like to join a gym, but Christmas hurt too badly and I just can’t afford it.  I knew it would, but the aftermath is just lingering too long. Anyway, as control in one are of your life picks up so do others…. although I’m still waiting for that to mentally sink in again.  I’ll get there.  Clothes are starting to feel a little less snug and that is a good sign.  I need to get back on the floor to do some planks.. but damn I hate doing those things at home, feels wrong somehow.   It definitely not comfortable, but as far as I can tell that the best way to shrink the belly.

I have talk to my wife.. and if I can get to 200 lbs, my final uber-goal.  Then we are going to look in to sink removal surgery. It will be the final act of defiance in this body, but the only sure fire way to get rid of these flabby leftovers.  I know I’ll need to wait for the elasticity to fully recover, but I know there will be some hanging loose still. It is at least something to look towards.  Any onward and juicewards!


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