Really guilty over chocolate – day 8 (fast 2014)

So late last night my son was crying, and crying, and crying… And I was never much of an “emotional eater” but oh dear… It wouldn’t stop, he wouldn’t go to sleep, he wouldn’t stay in his bed… And while holding him and watching discovery channel to calm is. Us both down, I was in arm reach of choclate and damn it was good… I felt pretty much immediately aweful afterwards… But I justified it… I still attempt to justify it, their is even science that justifies it… But the truth is…. It doesn’t have a justification. Be has if doesn’t go in your mouth it can go in your body and if doesn’t go I. Your hand it doesn’t go in your mouth, and if hasn’t been a gift, I could say that if never enters the house it will never go in to my hand.

I can’t help think I could have been a little stronger.

Anyway that was just last night, it’s been a long day and I’m heading to bed!


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