Day 7 – Smoothies

Today started with a banana, orange, and spinach juice. For lunch I popped over to tropical smoothie to get an island green with no sugar.  tropical smoothie is a excellent fall back if you forget a lunch, just realize that for MOST of their drinks they add sugar/sweetner.  You can ask for Splenda for a treat if you don’t care about the chemical aspect.  I don’t think you’d want to make a diet out of tropical smoothie, because it is majority ICE unlike your juices which are , well , juice. It gets the job done is a rough patch, and allows you to grab lunch on the go.

As far as mental state, I’m a little more lethargic in the evenings then i was the first go around, but that might be stress and weather as much as anything else.  You don’t realize hwo many damn food commercials there are till your not eating regularly.  It’s very hard to watch the food network… What’s funny is that I don’t’ get tempted by ACTUAL food that I prepare for my wife and kids.. but all the stuff of tv makes my mouth water. oh well. moving along!




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