Day 5! Weigh-In day (2014 fast)

Well I woke up today, pee’d …. because I’m giving myself the benefit of the extra weightloss… why the hell not right?

And I’m at 235!!

That is roughly 10 pounds in 5 days.. woot!

yes I wooted!  I’m happy that it seems to be on  a similar trajectory as it was a few years ago.  Nights are the hardest as I’m just going to bed early to ignore that fact that I’m usually a little hungry, but I take a multi-vitamin at bedtime, brush my teeth and drink some water which usually helps..  the going to sleep early thing was taught to be by more than one personal trainer.  It pops-up on all sorts of blogs and I think it was even on the biggest loser.  It actually easier to go to sleep  hungry then you think, what harder is staying up thinking about it.

I pee all the time right now, but thats to be expected, that is the primary way the weight is leaving my body, that and heat.  My liver , kidneys,and gallbladder are probably thanking me for relief, lol!

The weekends are always the hardest to stay on track, and this weekend was no different, although it has bee very helpful that my wife is on a calorie counting weightloss plan, and is juicing with me a bit. I went to the VFMA art museum today  for lunch and got the fruit salad and a bean and kale salad.  I’m trying to be more mindful of my protein intake this time around.. the bean salad was very good, and maybe I’ll drain some beans and add them to my salads once or twice a week for my lunches (I eat salads without dressing or with vinegar – no oil – for lunch because it difficult to juice at my office.)

Lets see what the next 5 days brings!


2 thoughts on “Day 5! Weigh-In day (2014 fast)

  1. You are inspirational. I have just started my juice fast today and hope I can go for 60 days. I’m looking at it as 10 days at a time, not sure if that is a good thing or not. Anyway I just wanted to thank you and say keep it up because you inspire many.

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