Day 3 – missing breakfast and missing the point.(2014 fast)

Weirdly I miss breakfast.. the last few months I’ve been eating a lot of muslei / granola for breakfast.. and I totally miss it.  However, that’s a small price to pay.  I want to address failure. I’ve tried on 3 separate occasions to juice fast “softcore”, like leaving in some chocolate, or a little chicken for protein, or popcorn for for dessert. all good things. but all things that broke me. I thought well I can exercise and make up the difference, but it never did fully.. at least not last year. The first year, when I gained a little I redoubled my effort. this time for whatever reason I got depressed, and hid from the scale. I even hid from writing about it here or on Facebook like the first time!….

I say all that to say that what worked for me the first time, staying hardcore, setting a time limit, writing about it openly, and not check my weight everyday, but checking it on regular intervals.. I think that will work. it is structured. It is limited in scope but easy to follow.  Back to basics.. again. Day 3 is in the bag!


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