2014! Back to the basics(2014 fast)

Well here it is 2014.. and it has AGAIN been awhile since I blogged.  damn it.  but I’m back here at the starting line once more.  I’ve gained some weight since last time posting, the holidays have not been good to me.. or more importantly i’ve not been good to my self.  I’m at 240 and that’s not making me happy.  But I’m in the perfect positions to start afresh.  Just as I did before starting January 1st and continuing for 60 HARDCORE days I’m knocking out a 100% juice fast. There a nice symmetry to it, I know the distance to travel, I know there is nothing to bother me, like new years, and XMAS or thanksgiving.  So here goes nothing right? I have no expectations.  I’m just going to rock out this thing until I get to day 60.  I’ll post as often as I can, but this is a busy time for me with 2 kids and a hell of a work schedule. But I’d like to finish the recipes and the week list if I can. Maybe I’ll come up with some new ones this time around.

See you tomorrow Blender.. I’m ready for you!

Also, In other news I officiated a wedding over Christmas Break it was pretty awesome@ Congrats to my good friends and may you enjoy your time up in NYC for New years!


One thought on “2014! Back to the basics(2014 fast)

  1. Hang in there, boss. I’ve been reading alot of your material here. Seems like you’ve inspired many. I’m going to have a go at juicing as well and plan to use some of the tips I’ve found here. I appreciate your providing them. Stay hardcore. Here’s to better health for us both!

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