Back! With a secret!

ImageHi everyone. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus and to tell you the truth.  I was worn out. Burnt out and tired.  I took a couple of vacations in the last 3 months, including a week plus to chicago and grand rapids, a s well as white water rafting.  I NEVER in a million year thougth I’d go white water rafting! I was never strong enough, light enough, or brave enough to do it… now I’m SOO ready for more!. 

Anyway, After vacation I knew I had to get back on track. No that I had fallen off the horse but punds had crept back on and I’d been watching. I wasn’t runnign becasue.. virignia is hot as crap and I really can’t afford a membership. (although I’d like to join ACAC if anyone one want trade blending classes for a membershp 🙂 ) 

Anyway, i’ve been 20 punds shy of my weightloss goals for MONTHS.  jsut not quite getting there. I was happy with my figure and things were steady… and then one day I was 10 pounds up.. OH shit I thought.  This is the moment of truth, the piont you said you’d never cross.  and then I didn’t do anythign about it. Call it depression, call it apathy, call it bordem, call it what you will… I didn’t do anything about it.. but finally.. finally after 13 punds up.. I got angry… and then I thought I need to get hardcore jucing, not half and half, not low call.. ALL THE WAY BABY!  60-90 days no hold bar, lets call it “the finishline fast.”  So that what I'[m doing I’m on day 24 of the FAST!  I’m down 13 pounds and I’m rocking it.  I had a litle setback while camping, but hell I wa camping, and I didn’t do that bad. 

2 days ago I started runnign again. I tfeel great to be fully back on the horse. Also.  I’m fixing my daughter healthy lunch meals and i may need to make a special page just for those.  Anyway. Hopefully new posts as I embark on this second journy I ‘ll keep you posted. 

Also I’ll be doign a color run later this month in Richmond,va.  


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