I’m heading to Busch Gardens today!

If you’ve never been then I highly encourage you to go, it’s my favorite theme park. I grew up near it and had season passes as a kid. So imagine my disappointment the first time I couldn’t quite fit on a rollercoaster!
Or the second
Or the time my friend grabbed the overhead rails and crushed in the harness with his feet, so that I could barely breath, and honestly it was incredibly painful, although I lied at the time, just to fit on a coasters front row I had waited over an hour to get on.

Eventually I stopped getting passes. I watched friends relatives, strangers, and other family members breakdown and cry, and vow to never come back and one by one, they were kicked off a ride they were waiting for because they were to fat.

I would get angry too. I got angry at the park for not building bigger seat like some older coasters, or not making adapter ( or making them and discontinuing) for large people, or putting the slightly wider seats somewhere in the middle of a coaster…. Etc😢

Whatever, I needed to be made at me, and for sure I was but not enough to do anything about it. I would get incredibly winded walking around the park, even to the point where I’d find reasons to not go certain ways because there were hills…

Thinking back this make me so sick to my stomach.

But here I go today. Off to see fireworks with my kids and wife at Busch Gardens. I’m going to ride any damn ride I want. I fit on them all now with room to spare. Every time I get on one I think of the times I didn’t. Years wasted missing one of my all time favorite things, because of my OWN fault.

I encourage you to find your roller coaster. That things that reminds you, embarrassingly so, that you need to change. I can tell you it’s worth it to juice to make that feeling to away.

I can tell you it really is a great ride!!
Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS: sorry if my last post was a little offensive.


One thought on “Rollercoasters

  1. That’s awesome! I’m so proud of you! You are truly powerful. It is in your hands to change the future. Don’t wait for the parks to change their designs. You made the change! Whoohoooo!!!!

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