It is easy… it’s just boring

There is a line in a Green Day song that goes like this… “When masturbation has lost it’s fun you’re f’n lonely“…  The whole song is about being soo bored that he is just jerking around to escape… and he’s crazy lazy about it. too.

I tell you that to explain this.

I had a conversation about juicing with a acquaintance that had tried a couple of diets before and nothing was really working and I told them all about this juicing thing.. and they said.. and I’m boiling it down here…. I could never do that.. its too hard.   But that’s not what they meant… what they really meant it that THAT’S TOO BORING…

Because EATING and DRINKING is not hard to do.  Food has become biological entertainment, and like wanking off, it can become boring. So we have spiced it up. It is no longer just to feed us and keep us alive. It has become a source of entertainment.   It has become porn.  It has become something to be spiced up, taken to extreme and to be always pushed to the next boundary, because A: we have to do it, so we will make time for it. and B: When something is enjoyable we have no desire to make unenjoyably on purpose.  It would be like asking every person that likes sex to be celibate unless making a baby.

Juicing is boring.. or at least perceived that way.  I think it can be interesting, but I’m on the other side of this thing now.  I’m talking to people that have only ever eat 3 square meals of meat and taters.  The truth is .. that is boring, being fat is really boring.

Our culture has attempted to redefine the same entertainment over and over  and over again.  But really ALL entertainment falls in to only a couple of categories and those not willing to give an experience a chance, are the same ones most likely to think something is stupid, boring, or uncool.   BTW the categories are:

Watch, Move, Listen, Touch, Taste, Imagine/Learn
Going to museum is the same entertainment as going to a baseball game.  They are equally enjoyable is you are interested in them.

If you are obese or morbidly obese, then maybe the most exciting thing you could is lose a buttload of weight by doing something “boring”…. at least for a little while… 6o days… .  Because this isn’t hard.. but it might seem a little boring.


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