I forgot all about the beginning

I started a juice fast and I forgot all about the beginning… and I screwed up.  Let me share.  I just decided to start a juice fast.  However… THAT’S all I did.

I didn’t go shopping.

I didn’t get fruit.

I didn’t get greens.

i didn’t get physically prepared.

I didn’t choose a good month.

I didn’t get in the right mind set at all. I was ready.

but I wasn’t  READY READY.

So I failed miserably.  The first time I did a juice fast. I had gone crazy shopping. Researched like crazy. picked a 2 month period where I wouldn’t be tempted.  This time I didn’t do any of that. I went on vacation to Wilmington,NC and just got back.. and yeah I didn’t juice while I was there. Although I ate well and not poorly.  The second day of the fast I ran out grapes.  The third day I juiced mustard greens by accident, because it’s all I had.  The end of the week I ran out of balsamic vinegar at work and I had some rotten strawberries.

975002_10151964243243508_1076603171_noops.  Soo.. I’m fine with starting over. The brilliance of doing this before is that starting again is easy, no fear. This Thursday is pay and grocery day. So I’m hooking myself up with some more greens and essentials.  Also good news is that even though I only squeezed (no pun intended) a couple of weeks out of the most recent fast I still managed to drop 10 pounds.  Now probably mostly water weight, but still it feels good to not feel bloated.


Original body shot from the 213+ lbs days

So I’m feeling pretty good and away we go towards the finish line… and now a totally vain picture of me in a bathing suit from hollister that is FITTED ie no draw string or elastic, and when i bought it last year… it didn’t fit.


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