Lets talk about poo baby, lets talk about all the good things and the bad things that make me pee.. lets talk about poo…

salt-n-poppaI went through a dozen post titles before this one including.. Whining about Poo(h), Poo on You. Do you have any gray poop on?  Your Poo and you.  and many many more.

All because I actually get this question a lot and I’ve been wanting to write a FAQ about it, but I’ve been focused on other things lately and I just haven’t gotten a Otuit yet.  (A ROUND TO IT) for those not born in the 80’s.

Here is a recent comment:

At the risk of being gross, I would like to know what to expect from down below while juicing. I read an article (http://rawrawlife.com/newbies/juicenewbie/) stating that you don’t #2 and need to take herbal supplements/laxatives to induce a BM and others say that they do not have this problem. Any suggestions or insight?

The first thing to realize is that you are going to go through STAGES of Poo.  I get questions from these different stages so let me address them as you go prepare, start, go through, and end a fast.

You may or may not have a good bead on when you go the bathroom now. But if your BM’s concern you now then just realize that this fast could fix or exasperate whats going on down there.  If (like me) you are lactose intolerant or think you might be. This fast is going to be a God send. Talk to a doctor if there is something that might be going on in you already.

For instance I juiced with a Fancy Blendtec Blender and supplemented with raw salads during the day. This type of fast leaves in all the insoluble fiber that “juicers” take out.  In my case and even now the juicing first RAMPED up my bowels and I even pee’d more than my pregnant wife at the time. With all juicing you will pee like crazy. This is good. How do you think fat “leaves” the body (BTW it never really goes anywhere it just deflates bascially)  but I digress.  All that “stuff’ has to go somewhere. You body does a few things with it. Turns it into heat, sweats it out, spits it out, shits it out, pees it out, crys it out, milks it out, or stores it up. That pretty much it.  Garbage in. garbage out.. Good in.. Garbage out.  Get it?  SO…. Insouble fiber is going to be heavier stuff that won’t break down and eventually will come out the other end.   Your body is CRAZY efficient now at sucking the life out of greens.   During the fast like mine your poo will be a little dry, small or, broken up.  I bet currently your is  kinda large and “slick” unless you had constipation before…  that’s OILS doing it.  or in reality fats.  Good fats are going to help move things along. Nuts, Avacado, beans, bananas, are going to have those essential oils to help you poop well.  When Juicing with a juicer you are going to notice that you will have less poos if you eat a lot less fibrous stuff, if you hold back an eat more fruit instead of greens.  Your still getting fiber but you not getting bulky fiber.  So keep the greens in.  I doubt you need an herbal supplement but I would try Colace. It natural enough for pregnant women to use and basically secrets water into you intestines.

Which bring me to another point.. WATER:
Drink it and add it to you juice ESPECIALLY if your doing what I am with a blender. 2 reasons. First you need it to stay hydrated if you do beginning to go a lot. and Secondly.. your body can’t process it, and it won’t store water, it will pee it out, and it will also poo it out if need be.. so you may have the RUNS instead.  I promise, your body will find a balance fairly quickly, but also realize, crapping a lot and peeing a lot if your body getting rid of all the junk inside.  Assuming you are not ex3ercising much…  like I didn’t in the beginning… the fat you want to lose has really only one option.. out the backside.

Here we go:
So as you are going through, you most likely will have a lot of bowel movements and then they should taper off and you will have small ones,  Depending on how your body handles certain types of enzymes (think beano) you will most likely start having less gas after about a week or so.  If you had a lot of gas before and thought it was just a fat person problem, and were embarrassed by it. Then there is hope.  Use this time to identify the thing that cause your farts.  Mine was beans, milk (lactose intolerant) and pepperoni / greasy meats.  Even if those things effect you there’s a good chance it will be diminished.

The Breaking Fast:
So we’ve come to the end of the fast and your going to start easing back in to food.. this time can be tough on multiple levels. but here is a recent story that I think illustrates what bad things could happen.

I come to you with a rather personal question but I don’t know who else to ask in the “juicing world”, since we both used a blender and it seems like most folks use an actual juicer. So here goes…..constipation!! When you broke your first fast, did you have any issues? I am having a MAJOR problem and can find no relief. I’ll just tell you that I’ve tried nearly everything (upped my water intake, although I already drink a ton, ate prunes, hot herbal tea with apple cider vinegar, stool softener pills, exlax) and nothing has helped. I’m not asking you to give out medical advice, just wondering if you have any personal experience that you went through while breaking the fast. I thought I was taking it slow. My 60 days was up on March 7th, so starting the next day, I added back my smoothie (made with non-fat yogurt, 1/2 cup soy milk, fruit, and water), lunch was a green juice, dinner was salad with tons of veggies. I made up a pot of veggie chili that I had for several evening meals, mixed in with a couple nights of salad only and half a plain, baked, sweet potato with a salad for one of the nights.I didn’t add in ANY meat until 8 days later on March 15th. I made up a southwest chicken recipe that was served over rice. Well my “problem” began the very next day. (last Saturday) I don’t think the smoothies are the problem. I am thinking it may have been the rice! Either that or the chicken. Anyway, sorry so long and detailed. Please share if you too had this problem

My suggestion to this person was:
Try Colace.   Try some olive oil or oilier salad dressing for a meal or 2. take some fish oil omega 3 pills, and get your nuts in they have good oils too… stay away from fried fats that cause transfat.  Milk/dairy can be a conspirator so if you’ve been light on the dairy in the past then you may want to ease in to it.  lastly, Carbs are the thing you want to ease into the most. Above all else, carbs can throw you right back in to weight gain, they are hard to measure properly, and your body is not used to the refined things anymore. They are important but  your body hasn’t had to break down those complex chains in awhile.   Try eating fish tacos with  light flour/corn/whole wheat wraps,  Let yourself eat some light weight breads (ex NOT bagels). Try eating some bananas or avacados/guac.  Try lean ground meats or pork chops for meat. Rice and Pasta expand a TON in your body.  if you are going to eat them take 3 or 4 hefty bites and wait about 5 minutes. You won’t believe how full you are.  Lastly, go for a walk, it helps move everything around and get the body burning up stuff literally.

Verdict… Well turns out the Doctor suggested  a Glycerin Suppository and they found relief with it before getting a chance to try much of my suggestions out.  But the point of this blog is to tell it like it is!  I don’t want other people making the mistakes that others have made before.  I can say this person has not contacted me with further issues in this regard so I’m hoping no news is good news. If you ease into your breaking fast with those above steps you shouldn’t get backed up.

Final Thoughts:
It’s been over a year now and I can say I still go at least once a day, and I still pee a lot, but not as much as when on the fast.  I’m still working on about 18 more pounds so it doesn’t surprise me.  I can’t give much insight as to if this is what it will be like for years to come. I can say that I have little gas anymore.  I don’t get constipated much, although sometimes it takes a little longer then most to get things moving, and I know I’m not drinking enough water at work.  Do you have to take herbal supplements?  Probably not, they are all pretty much crap anyway. Tea tastes great, you need to drink, I see no harm in it or coffee so go for it!  Be prepared for whats coming and ease back into a “regular” life.. new regular not old regular ..you don’t want to be a chubby butt again right? If you have POO news share it with me, I’d love to hear whats going on down there, and if you do have some tips share them in the comments!


One thought on “Lets talk about poo baby, lets talk about all the good things and the bad things that make me pee.. lets talk about poo…

  1. LOVE the title of this blog post lol. 🙂 All of this is VERY good and helpful info, so everyone, please read and re-read this post and be sure to come back at the various stages you’re in if you’re having problems.

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