Lets talk exercise

529008_10100285749852408_1025781915_nI run.

I don’t particularly like it.

Running is free.

When I started I couldn’t get from my parking space to the front door without sucking wind at work……. all 30 feet.

When people start talking about exercising to fat people, especially running,  about a million thoughts run through your head and few of them (if any) are …” OH BOY I gotta get on that.”

As a matter of fact, for the longest time,  I don’t think you could’ve have gotten me to run with a naked woman in front  and a rabid dog behind me.

People espouse all the ways you can get started getting in to running, but I think

A: They sound really  hard to get in to.
B: They sound great until you realize that for you the plan will fail for a variety of reasons.
C: You don’t think it will really do anything for you.
D: I think people think they can exercise there way to thinness… and the truth is it won’t work and it’s really hard.
E: You wonder how to “Do it..” really, if you’ve never run before or it’s been 20 years… it’s not like a bike and it isn’t intuitive to do it right.

Let me share how I did it… because i think it is the secret to success, the secret to tightening you skin up later down the road, for getting over the plateaus you WILL hit,  and for great health.  (BTW, just in case you think I’m insane I ran all these tips (and got a few of them in the past)  by 2 personal trainers and a nutritionist just in case you want to know if this has any basis in science)  They all agreed that they are solid.

10 Running secrets for FAT people.

Secret 1: Get the right clothes.
Invest in Under-Armour type clothes, shoes, pants.  Ditch the heavy fugly sweat pants that will feel like your dragging a moist towel with you every where you go. Get the ultra-light running shoes and socks, new balance are my favs, but a ton of companies make them for under 40 bucks now.  These clothes are so worth it, they reduce PAIN in chaffing, the reduce smell, and they make the experience slightly more enjoyable.. and you need to wear them, don’t skimp on it.  It’s like when you get dressed up for a special occasion,  it sets the tone.

Secret 2: Breathing

While running… breath IN twice. OUT once. lemans style… HE HE whoooo.. He He Whoooo
It will feel  is as if you are filling up one lung at a time.  Do this even walking because it takes practice to feel natural. Breathing is key to recovery (explained later)

Secret 3: Time management
This seems so stupid simple, but the secret is you pick the time and then the rest falls in line.  I personally had 20 minutes.  I looked at my day to day, and I figured I could be a little selfish, AFTER 10 at night.. for 20 minutes.. giving me 5 minutes to get ready and  5 to get them off and only miss 1 sitcom ( or tivo it). So I had 20 minutes to go out and exercise. After I cooked dinner, work day, helped the kids to bed, etc.. I’m not a morning person, I’m a night owl, I’m lazy, and while I tell people to watch the “NOTs” that come out of your mouth, I knew that I would fail if forced this into a time slot that effected soo much of the circadian of the rest of my life.

What does the 20 minutes look like? It looks like this.. go out 10 minutes turn around come back the same way. then..



Yes, I know what the studies say, I know what the trainers say, books, BLAH BLAH BLAH… 3 times a week… blah blah blah…  Like dave ramsey says… The truth is if you knew so much you’d already being doing it.


You do it everyday, because of 2 main reasons.  First. If you miss a day.. you miss a day.  if you do it 3 times a week and you miss a day.. you miss 3 days to stay on track.. or if you a Mon, Wed, Fri, runner and you miss Friday  that means you miss 4-5 days. If you go out every day, and you miss a day for  whatever reason then you just go back the very next day.  It works soo much better.  Secondly, You don’t want to run for ever do you? Do you want to be fat forever?  Well everyday helps knock it out sooner, lose weight and get healthier faster, and when your mind, body, and lifestyle, finally comes in line you won’t have to work out every day.. or maybe ever again.

Secret 4: Do what you can and do it in INTERVALS
Distance doesn’t matter. Speed doesn’t matter.  Intervals matter a ton.  What is an interval?  Well, if you are like me then at 300+ pounds an interval is probably going to be run 20-30 seconds, walk (recover)for 3 minutes.
When I say run I mean Jog.. and when I say Jog.. I mean a bouncy walk. If you are really overweight and you are sprinting your first time out then you have done yourself a disservice. While you might be able to keep it up the first time out, your body will hate you the next day, and soon you WILL fail.
Speed and distance come with time. JUST HIT THE INTERVALS. This is your goal. just feel good that you were able to do the intervals that you have set out to accomplish. I could barely walk a few blocks in the beginning, and I had to learn this lesson the hard way.. by f-ing it up.  I went from a 30 sec jog- 5 minute walk recovery to 1 minute jog – 5 min walk… to 2 and 2… to 3 min jog and 2 walk.. eventually 10 min jog 1 min recovery.. and today I ran 6 miles without stopping.  It took MONTHS to get there.. and I didn’t make it my goal.. my goal wasn’t how far out I could get, how fast I was. It was…. did I hit the jog interval, did i recover to breathing right in the walk period. did I do it at my own pace, did I finish.   These goals are attainable at any level and it’s nice to see the increments change. You see and feel your progress and you do it at your pace.

This is me at 3.2 miles aka a 5k.  This is the halfway point that I've been working my way to in prep to do a 10k on my birthday this year.

This is me at 3.2 miles aka a 5k. This is the halfway point that I’ve been working my way to in prep to do a 10k on my birthday this year.

Secret 5: Carbing up is a stupid idea
Are you chubby? Are your obese  or morbidly obese?  Then you have all the energy you need hanging off your thighs. I’m not saying not to eat.  But MARATHONERS need carbs.  Their bodies are breaking down as they run. Yours is already broken in another way.  You need your body to click on the switch that will begin to eat away at the energy that your body has been putting in the backyard shed.. aka. your ass, tummy, your veins, etc..  You just eat well or juice well… and let the exercise do some of the work.

Secret 6: Your legs will lie.
Listen to your breathing. Your legs lie.  EVERYTIME I go out my legs want to give up at some point.  Everytime. from the very first 50 feet to  todays 6 miles, my legs have told me to stop.  This is temporary and will go away. If you are breathing well, then your legs will move you forward.  This is where intervals really help you realize your breathing.  You should be able to recover fully during your interval to relatively regular breathing. If not…  tweak your interval to meet your breathing goals NOT your leg goals.  I promise you can push through your screaming legs.

Secret 7:  Start on the run
Don’t start by walking. Start on the fast interval. It feels better.   Trust me.

Secret 8: Use an App for that.
I run with runkeeper app on an iphone and I have pandora’s workout radio on.  The  app tracks all sorts of stuff and tells me when my next interval is. even if I’m listing to music. it will talk over it to tell me when my next interval is coming  and at the end I know when I am, how much I burned, distance and speed, and I love the map feature since I can figure out new routes to try.  There are free apps  and pay for apps.

You can use a interval watch too which beeps at different times. Old school stop watched also have this feature if you have one laying around the house.

Secret 9: Drink

Drink your water and Gatorade once you get over a mile of running.

Secret 10:  Make an attainable goal and an amazing one.
Your first goal can be I want to hit my intervals for a month and not miss a day.
An amazing one could be I will sign up and do a 10k in a year.

Or it could be I will get to a 5 minute jog interval in 4 months. An amazing one could be running a mile non-stop in 6-9 months.

Everyday aim for your attainable goal. When you achieve it. Keep the amazing goal, and then make another attainable goal.

Eventually these goals will be the same.

I hope this helps.  You don’t need a lot to make it work and it worked for me!


(FYI:  THIS POST has been updated to fix some grammer and layout issues. Sometime I write these way to late at night for my own good)


One thought on “Lets talk exercise

  1. Forwarding on your tips to my runner friends. As for me, I’ve learned that I have to breathe while running. That’s probably what I was doing wrong. When I held my breath and passed out, I didn’t get very far… 😉

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