shut-up-and-take-my-money-9299-2560x16001I’m working on a Day by Day on the cheap juice fast for y’all! But I also want to talk about cost.  Because I get asked this soo much… Is it WORTH it?   Well that sounds like a  money question to me right?  However the question is so much deeper then cost or caring. First, of all the short answer is yes.. so stop reading go do it.

Still here huh?

Well that the problem with the question. If you believe whatever driveled out of my mouth it would be the end of the conversation wouldn’t it?  When I get asked this (especially if you are overweight, obese or morbidly obese) I usually turn the tables and ask.  “If I told you that if you paid me $500.00 and I could guarantee that in 2 months you lose 2 pants sizes, a shirt size, breath better, smell better, have better sex, eat better, have better skin, boost your immune system, live longer, hurt less, and lose 50 pounds WITHOUT exercise.   Would you do it?

Would you still do it if it were $1000? How about $2000?

WHAT ARE YOU WORTH?  is what I’m asking.

What is you life worth. You are wasting away, and you PAY for it everyday.

The average American household spends almost half of its food budgeton eating out — out of about $6,000 US Dollars (USD) spent on food a year, about $2,700 USD goes to eating out. Alcoholic beverages alone contribute almost $500 USD to that budget. and according to the data released from the US Census Bureau, the average family spent $144/month on clothes in 2009

Is it worth it yet?

Was it worth the TIME?  For me I committed to 60 days of juice fasting and I wish I had done 90.

I change the question around. To this.  Think BACK 60 days?   What were you doing?  What have you done in the last 60 days that you wouldn’t have given up to lose 50 pounds and all those thing I said above.  Was Christmas dinner worth all 60 days?  The champagne on new years was that worth giving up the chance to save your life?  What.  What wouldn’t you give to get the last 60 days back.  because the reality is this.. Its a blink of time.  It’s a flash in the pan. It is nothing, and yet

and yet

had you tried this raw food thing instead.. you could have RADICALLY ALTERED YOU LIFE!

Make the last 60 days the next 60.

Was it worth it or IS it worth it.

It is worth it if you go all in.

What does all in look like:

The baby steps:

1. Buy or borrow a nice blender  or juicer.  ( I have some recommendation on this site.)

2. Buy raw vegetables, greens and fruits, unsalted nuts beans, and a raw soy or bean sprout protein powder

3. Choose a period of time 15/30/60/90 days (no more, no less then one these options you can research online why)

4. Make a juice or eat salads eveyday. for every meal. NO cooked foods, no meats, no alcohol, using fruit sparingly.

5. Talk to someone about the juicing every day that has your back.

6.  Exercise when your ready.

7. No matter what the voice in you head, your disapproving family, and friends/society tells you to do, Don’t fail.


Every day I look in the mirror and KNOW it’s worth it.

Wouldn’t you like to KNOW it?


Let me know what you think in the comments!


6 thoughts on “WORTH

  1. Go Lori Go!

    AWESOME post, Chris! I need to print this one out and read it every day when I get down or when I start to think about cheeseburgers or chocolate. Great motivational blog. Love your no-nonsense approach. The stuff you say really helps!

    • Thanks Merrie!! 🙂 I am now down 28 lbs. (Sat. is my weigh day) since I started my 60 day juice reboot on Jan. 7th. I started my weight loss journey the end of June 2012 but didn’t know about juicing then. I just replaced one meal a day with a smoothie and started drinking close to 200 oz. of water a day and I tried to walk every day. By doing that alone, I lost 70 lbs. before I started juicing. It feels SO good!
      Chris’s blog was one of the very first I found when I was first looking into starting this. He’s been a true inspiration!!

  2. Chris: Thank you for your excellent blog. I saw the movie a few weeks ago and this has been on my mind. I really don’t have to lose too much weight but I’m sick of eating crap and not having the will power to stop doing it. I am surrounded by the good options and yet… I want to take this approach to make some lasting changes. Your blog has inspired me.

    • I’m so glad you feel inspired to make a change! This has been an amazing journey that continues to be awe provoking and inspired by stories from folks like yourself! I hope you find the resources you néed here and I look forward to hearing about your progress! feel free to ask me anything you’d like and I will try to help in anyway I know.

      This is worth it.

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