Norovirus, depression, and things that make you feel good

I’ve been struck with the noro virus, nasty stuff! But I’m trying to stay committed to this blog… What i really wanted to talk about is good health and depression. I’m sure that if your reading this blog, you’ve probably hit a couple of Low points yourself. First, if you are really really low, get help, get help now talk to a friend or better yet talk to a stranger. I find that sometime random people have better insight then those closest, given that they have enough details. But I digress…

I don’t think any subject is taboo, ask me anything and I’ll tell it straight no lies, no boundaries. So I’ll tell you now that I have ADD since first grade, and I’ve been on and off some sort of medicine most of my life. I’ve had a huge lull in that and I got depressed badly, I didn’t know what it was, new found fatherhood, loss of a job, a new job with some shakey bits etc… But it was there. I went to the doctor and found out that most of it stemmed from ADD run amock… The doctor would say I bet you did XY & Z and you felt this way… And it was all true! I was making typical adult add blunders built upon coping mechanisms… That led to depression. So i got help. I still get help, and this will always be there.

However, there’s a another part of depression that come from my weight, it was that embarrassment of sucking wind between the front door and the elevator, Not fitting on my favorite rollercoasters anymore, finding less and less stores to shop in, that overwhelming sense of malaise, like jello was all over my skin, wondering if you didn’t get the job your were qualified for because i was fat, etc…

If you have felt any of those things then you understand. Obesity and depression go hand in hand. Until one day you snap and you can either snap out of it or further into it. I feel blessed I finally snapped out if it. I’m still excited that I was introduced to juicing/blending and more importantly I’m glad that eating healthy… WORKS.

Now then, We hear about that all the time, but what does it really mean? Do I just eat whole grains, low fats, no transfats… It is enough to make you head spin… And how much” healthy” do I have to be? Every day, only eat half portions, on the weekends?

Here’s the answer that millions spend millions on every year.
For chubby people like us, eating healthy means getting intense. Intense about fruit, vegetables, nuts… We need to look the storm in the eye, and say I will go no further and I will not go back. Eating healthy means eating the opposite of what you are doing right now…

And it is going to rock your world.

But why not rock your world? It’s probably full of things that make you depressed and angry every day… Killing you mentally, as well as physically. It may be taboo in you family to not eat meat for while, to ask for help, to take medications, to eat a salad instead of a steak. But your life is worth more than the impressions, bullshit, and taboo’s that surround you telling you it too hard, not worth it, too expensive, you’ll fail again, it’s not proper, blah blah, excuse excuse.

As someone who has been there, who knows what it’s like to have that malaise lifted, to be fit when I never was before, to buy clothes that I never thought I’d ever fit into, to eat food I’d never dreamed of eating, nonetheless daily, to not be depressed and find happiness of all sorts that I never dreamed of.

Let me be clear…

YOU are worth fighting for. So i encourage you to rock your world. Help yourself. No one can do that for you and it is soo worth it in the end.


6 thoughts on “Norovirus, depression, and things that make you feel good

  1. I am really impressed by your honesty. I have been hemming and hawing (or as you wrote “excuses excuses blah blah blah”) on the juicing/blending eating plan for a few weeks. Have to make sure I have all my ducks in a row so there is no chance to fail (excuses excuses blah blah blah). Time to fish or cut bait and thanks to your pep talk, I believe I’ll fish!

    • Yeah!! I’m so excited for you! I will try and help as best I can, and the community here is quite wonderful.

      You are so worth it. I can’t tell you what a blessing you are to me too. My heart swells to see other on the same path. Let me know how I can help or add to this site to make it better for you. Good luck with your fast!

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