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When I was a kid I was always terrible at keeping diaries. This blog is like that and once you get out of a groove it is so hard to get back. Juicing and dieting is the same way! I’ve been in a holding pattern as th weather here in Virginia has been cold and I’ve been using excuse after excuse as to why I didn’t want to be out in the cold running. April 13th is my birthday, and this year the Monument 10k is on it. I think I can run it, which if I do will officially be the furthest I’ve ever run… ever. but right now my ass is sitting on the couch staring at the door knowing that is really is warm enough to get my ass out there.. so when I’m done typing this post I’m going to go out there and go. hopefully my body hasn’t atrophied too much in last few months, but I’m basically the same size and weight as I was, so I should be good.


Lettuce Wich

Speaking of weight I’m consistently 219. I’m a little up from my lowest. Which is expected.. actually it’s a good sign that i can maintain my weight and bodes well for when I get to my ultimate goal. So what or how have I been eating? well I haven’t been juicing all that much lately, and I haven’t been calories counting formally with myftnesspal/caloriecount app. However, I’ pretty good at rounding it all so I’m between 1400 and 1800 calories a day most likely. I eat a salad a day for lunch pretty much everyday, with a salad dressing of 50 calories or less per serving. If I forget lunch I go to .. dun dun dun.. McDonalds.. the southwest grill chicken salad is pretty awesome, its 300-400 calories, but it soooo much better for you and great in a pinch. I also go to tropical smoothie next door to the MCd’s for a blue lagoon with splenda. only abotu 150 cals and really filling. Dinner have been much smaller than they used to be “back in the day” subs are in half, soups are low cal, meats are low fat and rarely beef anymore. I try to eat vegetarian whenever there’s a tasty option available.

New favorite place to eat out is Whichwich. Where you can get any sandwich, and they have all veggie ones… a giant lettuce wrap. I had one tonight and it was sweet. and drops a ton of calories. a great place to eat with friends when they want a sub and you are trying to stay strong.

ok enough about food.. lets talk about juice…
March is going to be epic. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a 15-30 day fast in march. It’s time to buckle down and do this thing, it is time to aim for the finish line. I have 20-30 lbs to go and I want to be there. Also I really want to get you all a day by day menu and overwhelmingly you all want one. So a 60 day menu is coming. I’m going to try and tie it to a grocery list so that it is on a budget. I won’t be able to estimate for a “Juicer” since I don’t have one, just my blender. but you should be able to scale it, or you can make a smoothie with less juice to make up for it.

one last note. Some of you have been amazing. Encouraging me to write and follow-up. YOU KEEP ME GOING! I’m blessed to have you out there, and I hope you find blessings here. Keep up the good work. You can do it, I continue to believe this is the best way to change your life for the better, to lose weight, and feel better. More updates to come, and more often. It time to stand up and get moving. so here it goes. I’m putting the puter down and heading out the door. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Not bad.. 1.4 miles. 11min40sec avg per mile. 236 calories burned. 36degs! Sometimes you just have to go. No matter what, just go, start now.

Considering I could barely go 100ft without sucking wind,when I started, I’m still amazed at even a mile.


5 thoughts on “Back from outerspace

  1. Even a single foot out the door is always impressive to me. I keep trying to talk myself into getting outside with my dog, but I’m a sissy in the cold weather. Kudos on getting back to blogging and getting out running. A lot of A10-ers are doing the 10K this year, so you’ll be in good company.

  2. Hey Chris…love that you were out running in 36 degree weather …So does this mean that I have absolutely NO excuses since I live in Florida, and I should really be outside exercising everyday??? Crap. (hahaha) πŸ™‚

    • Pretty much! I went running near Disney over the summer and dear god it was like swimming, the humidity at night was horrid… But still did 3 miles that night, soo sorry :)! But there nothing better for you, but i highly suggest getting the right tools, get a good interval trainer app for your smart phone or ipod, get the sweat proof underarmour shirts, a good armband, a water bottle with a strap, an most off all grab some superlightweight running shoes, a food apoets bra for the ladies and sweat proof underwear for dudes, and your body will thank you, and most most of all you’ll enjoy running or walking soo much more!

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