Day by day menus yes or no?

A commentator mentioned that no where online is a day by day… Blow by blow account Of what to do each day. I could write one up if that would be something folks would like. Let me know in the comments if that is something y’all would like me to put together. I might need help getting the juicer amounts right since i used a blender but I could start there and then add in the juicer amounts later


21 thoughts on “Day by day menus yes or no?

  1. I would love that ! I did the juice thing for a week ( even made it through a 40th Birthday party on water and apples !) I felt good by the end and lost about 9 lbs but I got to the stage when I couldn’t stand the sight or smell of veg juice ! So more ideas and recipes would be great as I plan to do it again !

  2. Hi Chris, my goal is to get rid of my autoimmune diseases and not to lose weight. What would you have done differently with your juice and salad fast if your goal is NOT to lose weight?

    • If my goal wasn’t to lose weight I would have used more carb or fat heavy fruits and veggies, like avacados and more fruits. I would have also used more lean meat based proteins like chicken, turkey, fish and probably more low cal salad dressings on my salads, a lot of which i do now that I’m done with the fast and I’m just living day to day.

      The autoimmunity thing is not because your body has been detoxed. Most of that is bullshit no matter what you read from all the new age types out there.

      This lifestyle works because it has done 2 things: it has eliminated most of the chemicals in processed and cooked foods. Which your liver is really good at getting rid of ANYWAY. But now your liver can do the other jobs It does more efficiently. When the liver can’t break down salt intake, and fats it all get backed up in your blood stream and body water, or fat for storage.

      Secondly, the lifestyle lowers your salt and fat /sugars intake, and increase your vitamin intake and that allows your body to start using up all its storage capacity. Losing weight is the by product, but your immune system gets a boost by not dealing with the stuff your putting in your body, and instead it can focus fully on external threats.

      It’s the food does have a lot of special powers. You do!

  3. I would love to see a day by day menu, or at least more recipes that you tried and liked. I’ve spent the past 2 days reading your blog from the very beginning and you are such an inspiration! I recently watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netfix and found your blog through the “jointhereboot” website. I’m on my own weight loss journey and have lost 68 pounds so far, mainly by replacing one meal a day with a smoothie, TONS of water, and walking. The juicing reboot has certainly intrigued me and it’s something I’d like to try. I’m on a budget and I can see from reading your blog, that it can be done without spending tons of money. I’m having a hard time deciding on which juicer/blender to get. I can’t see spending up to $400 on a juicer. I see that you purchased the Blendtec but you also say it’s hard to blend apples. Do you have any other recommendations that won’t break the bank? πŸ™‚
    Wishing you much success in your continued journey and thank-you for sharing all that you have!

    • Oh my gosh, first let me say congrats in your current loss goals, you should be proud of your journey so far!!! Also, thank you for reading my blog it inspires me that my journey has blessed and helped others. I would get a blendtec blender if your looking to save some money on the juicing part and because you love smoothies. You don’t want to buy a cheap juicer so you might has well get a more expensive blender ( although I’ve got friends that have found the nutribullet to be really good!! A it is cheapest through bed bath and beyond with a coupon and good timing.) just use a splash of apple juice to replace the apples. Or use softer ( not fujis or the crunchy cooking types). Soft apples which juice ok in a long as your using greens and other fruits in the blend the loss of nutrient from the apples are a small price to pay. Juicer don’t do we’ll with citrus, and a re a pain to clean. Hope that helps, and I will have more post s after the new year!! Let me know how your doing! I’d love to hear about your progress whenever your willing to share.

      • Thanks Chris! I was actually looking at the Nutribullet and the Breville Juice Fountain Plus ($149.99 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond). I’ve read reviews on both and there seems to be good and bad. I think the Blendtec looks really cool but I see it’s $399.99, unless I am looking at the wrong one.

      • Go with the nutribullet. The best deal on a blendtec will be at a Costco/SAMs club. It will still be about 300 but your getting g more use for that 300 then out of a juicier , look at my juicer recommendation and watch the video about the omega vrt. Vs a breville. The juice guy on YouTube is nutty but his reviews a through and there is a difference. But you’ll be happier with blender I think.

      • Chris, how are things going? I miss your posts! I am on day 9 now of my juice reboot and things are going pretty well. My first day (using the NutriBullet) was a learning experience. I learned to add more water or else you end up with a veggie slushy lol. I lost another 2 lbs. before starting the actual reboot and my next “weigh day” was on day 6 and I lost 8 lbs.! πŸ™‚

      • Sweet! You are well on you way! That is fantastic news. I highly suggest drinking with a straw, the good stuff is at the bottom:)

  4. Hi Chris, happy new year!

    And thank you for your informative reply.

    Did you take any vitamins supplements during your 1st 60 days, if yes, do you still take any now? If you do, please share. I read that people on raw food and/or vegan type diet, it is very important for them to take vitamin B12 and perhaps other stuff too, can’t remember the others. (Based on some photos/videos I have seen of that guy who started the Hallelujah Diet, he looks very dry. I am not surprised since any kind of oil is a no-no to him, even olive oil got to be consumed sparingly as if it’s poison something!

    • I did start to take a vitamin after I started to get a little dizzy ( which was actually a protein thing not a vitamin thing) however, I do take a men’s 1-a- day multi vitamin. This fast will ratchet up some vitamins into the 1000% range like c and a. But a single multi vitamin is pretty good idea anyway. You pee a lot of it out and some of it doesn’t even get processed.

      B12 INJECTIONS work on everybody and will give you crazy energy. This fast will remove energy before it gives it back, so medi-fast and zackganey, and a bunch if other places will do the b12 thing to help out with the tiredness that comes with low calories intake. B12 by the mouth usually doesn’t have. The same effect for 2 reasons. 1: some people just don’t process b12
      orally, don’t know why but they don’t
      2: b12 orally takes a lot more to do what an injection does. But I don’t think shoving a bunch a polls down in hopes of a boost of energy will help all that much or seems really good for you. Try a multivitamin with b12 and call it a day

  5. I’d love a day by day!!! I’m starting the Reboot fast on Jan 23 and I’m nervous, but your blog is very inspiring. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  6. PLEASE PLEASE DO IT! One of the few things that holds us (my bf and I ) back is the lack of knowledge on what a different lifestyle is like to live. This would be the perfect window into one!

    When you can’t visualize yourself or your life differently it is very difficult to change permanently. You are always wondering and questioning whether or not you are doing it right.

    Thank you for all the awesome information and putting yourself out there for our benefit πŸ™‚

  7. I could really use a day-by-day menu…I’m starting off asap. Lost 30 pounds with Zija…love my Zija…and now want to take things a healthier step further and remove the processed foods from my routine diet, and most of them from here on out! We are fortunate to have a big garden, seasonally, and even in the winter enjoy much of what we have harvested and stored. Our meat is homegrown as well, though I have radically reduced my meat-eating and will aim for very little as I work out a good routine for keeping raw/fresh food at easy reach. So, the reason I hope you’ll post your day-by-days might stem from laziness, but I’m hoping it is my desire to make the best of things as quickly as possible…and as affordable as possible. I will use recipes at ‘reboot,’ but reeeaaally wondering how you did this juicing on $40/week! Also, did I miss in the archives what kind of blender you use? Mine doesn’t seem to want to juice up veggies. Thank you, you and others who have contributed are an inspiration and looking forward to joining ‘Reboot!’

    • I will get a day by day as soon as I feel better, but under my pages I mention the blender i use. It a blendtec blender. Which I love. The only blenders I recommend for juicing are blendtec, vitamix, and the nutribullet. I don’t get paid by any of them, I just know from personal experience and a lot of research that they work.

      • Hi Chris, Thanks so much for the reccommendations, as I am looking for a good blender/juicer. I would be most appreciative if you would list a day by day or even just a weekly list of what you bought for yourself. I am spending a fortune on fruits and vegies and know there must be a cheaper way. Thanks.

  8. Thank you…I missed the blender name, so appreciate your reply. Hope you feel better right away! By the way, I have begun without a blender for juicing and as expected, could never eat the volume of nutrients without juicing for the full benefits. Going to try a combination of juice/salad/juice and two days into it, it’s do-able…except for the cost. So, look forward to other comments and your menus about how this can be affordable for 3 people in the house. Thanks again!

  9. Great info, Chris. I’m glad you’ve decided to create a day by day to help us out. May I suggest, rather than doing all 60 days at once, would you be willing to post in 5 day increments? It would be easier for you, and it would get the posts up more quickly for those of us eager to start. Thanks again!

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