The new year approaches

January 1st marks what has become a yearly endeavor to lose weight.  60 days is all I planned on accomplishing and yet it has become soo  much more.  I am very blessed to have wonderful support form all my freinds, family, church,  this blog, and facebook.  The anniversary  is almost here and I’m 216 pounds now.  I’m not going to juice my way to the February finish line that I’d been hoping to get to.  Mostly because I want to spend the next month really working on my food / exercise balance and see if I can use that to lose the rest.  Not that juicing and raw food are  not apart of that. On the contrary I still eat a salad every day and my breakfasts are almost entirely raw fruit.  I’m buckling down on the calorie counting and food journaling.  maybe I’ll be begin to post those here.   You can get addicted to low calorie eating and to do this deprivation over years can be detrimental to you body. i want to make sure that anything extreme  I’m doing is healthy and short term with long term goals in mind.

Because you have to learn to live healthy, it won’t be handed to you, it won’t be provided to you, it won’t be the easy choice, and the world certainly isn’t built for it.   I’m trying to build an infrastructure in my mind as to how I can live healthy and maintain a this lifestyle for many many years. I’m sure as hell not going to gain my weight back, but I’d rather that be both a second nature result of eating and living well and an active frame of mind.


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