Closing in on 15 days – weigh in day and other milestones

Today I hit 217lbs lowest yet! I know I’m not quite at the 15 day mark but I weighed in anyway. This 15 fast seems to have gotten me over the plateau I was stuck on and I’m greatful to be moving in the right direction! Also, today’s weight also marks another milestone, I’m technically no longer obese! I’m in the overweight category now according to the simple BMI calcs which while not great still give a good baseline.

I’m really excited a out being just overweight instead of obese and before that morbidly obese. By the way I found this wonderful website With a bunch interesting advice and great fitness calcs.

From the end of this 15day fast till at least March I will not be doing any hardcore fasts. I’ve begun to work out to the point where I need a more balanced intake then what my body can provide. It has taken a year to get to this point, but I feel that I need to continue a slow march of progress to my final goal and begin to find that even balance. I’m going to talk to a couple of trainers, doctors, and nutritionists and get some insight on what that my look like. I’ve done an ok job of doing it on my own and I’ve broken the habit of heavy carb, grease, fat, and meat I was intaking. It’s time to reintroduce my body to a full range of food and begin the next step of the journey..coping with what life looks like when NOT trying to lose all the time.

This is new territory for me and while some reading this are just beginning their journey – I firmly believe that the process by which you break your fast, learn about nutrition, cleanse your body, soul, and mind, exercise, make a lifestyle change and maintain it is just as important… If not more so… as getting into raw food fasting and losing weight.

Also, I just learned about the zigzag calorie schedule for breaking calories counting plateaus. Has anyone tried this technique? I’d be very interested in hearing your recommendations in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Closing in on 15 days – weigh in day and other milestones

  1. Dr. Joel fuhrnan has a great deal of info regarding plant protein in his book eat to live. The most protein is found in dark green veggies and it is significantly higher than any animal protein.

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