Update: 32 to go…

ImageAs some of you know I was recently featured on jointhereboot.com as a success story and that was great but by the same token, I’ve had new goal since the initial fast of getting to 190-200 lbs by end of February 2013. And I’m not there yet.

I have 32 lbs to go and the finish is approaching rapidly. I’d been a little down because my weight had ticked up in the week of thanksgiving and I’ve been stuck at roughly 32lbs away since September.

My awesome wife has encouraged me to step up my game for another 15 day fast and I took her up on it. I’ve already seen some results here on day 3. However, I’m really frustrated that I’m not a little closer to my goal already. I’m frustrated that I fell into a maintainer mode a little to easy. I know I’ll never go Backwards, but for a little longer I need to move forwards.

On a side note the monument 10k is on my birthday next year and I already know in my heart I will be running it.


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