Day 20 of 2nd fast

Today is day 20! Weigh in day: 239lbs! down from 313!! I’m so excited to be at this milestone. When I get into the 30’s is when I promised myself that i’d throw away all my xxl shirts , 235 is the magic number for that, but I’m in the ’30’s now and very proud! If get to a large size and my target weight then I’m getting a custom Ledbury shirt and Peter Blair belt or tie, pricey, but I will have finally reached the starting line to the rest of my life. Today almost marks the 1/3 mark. This time is moving a a little slower then I like. Probably due to less ‘juice’ and more salads and a lack of exercise. I did just get new balance running shoes, so I kinda have to now, right? My wife has joined me with a lot of the juicing and raw food and she has already lost weight and feeling healthier. See in a few days, I’m going to keep trying to blog often!



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