DAY 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINAL Weigh in day of the FAST!

DAY 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINAL Weigh in day of the FAST! drum roll please…….. 269! lbs (from 313lbs) I hit the 260s! I am stoked. Tonight marks the last last of it and a BETTER life is ahead of me. Tomorrow starts DAY 1 of the 90 day Break-fast. My plan is to track that slower, weigh-ins every 10 days. I’m going to finish the blog up and fill in the blanks for all the people that have had really great questions. I’m so inspired. I’m really holding back tears right now. I never really expected all of this to happen… but it really has and I just feel incredibly blessed. Today is a holiday for me. A new birthday. I still can’t believe it.


One thought on “DAY 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINAL Weigh in day of the FAST!

  1. Hello! I just found your blog tonight and I wanted to congratulate you on all of the changes and progress you have made!You look awesome! I recently watched “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” and I am very interested in doing a Juice fast. I see that you are using a Blender instead of a Juicer. This is very smart as it seems to use up a lot less produce. I also like how you incorporated Salads and nuts and allowed yourself to snack on fruits and veggies as well. I think I am going to follow in your footsteps! My only worry is picking up a blender that is affordable but that also does the job. $300 is really steep for me. Do you think there are blenders more around/under the $100 mark that will do as good of a job? I know BlendTek is a high end brand. Just curious!
    Thank you for sharing your journey and helpful tips along the way. I will be catching up on the rest of your blog over the next few days! 🙂

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