Day 55, Weigh in day: OMG

Day 55, Weigh in day: OMG —> 270lbs<— (down from 313) thats.. 43lbs I’m stoked!!!! That’s 5lbs down from last weigh in, I’d say that is ending strong! What great news this morning and even more inspiring to just keep going. I’ve got some major goals ahead and having them set now make them seem that much more attainable. Goal 1: 90 day break fast, no red meat, pasta, potatoes all < 1900 calories. Goal 2: jog half or more of the Monument 10k Goal 3: stay under 1900 cal until target weight or size is reached (which should be)around February of next year. Goal 4: Bring a healthy family along for the ride Goal 5: next year buy 3 new outfits from a store i couldn’t shop at before Goal 6: Keep my finances as fit as my body, which we are already doing really well. Goal 7: Thank God every day for all these blessing and a new heart and mind that wants me to live healthier Goal 8: Thank all my wonderful friends for supporting me.


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