DAY 3 of Break-Fast

DAY 3 of Break-Fast: I got Poked and prodded today. Karen and I FINALLY got our health insurance on the right path and had our exams this morning. (BTW I LOVE They are great people. So I had that test done. Then Sheltering Arms had a free wellness fair across the street at one of our fitness facilities for family and employees. It was awesome. I had a complete physical including fitness test, blood work, cholesterol screenings, glucose.. the works.. all for free!

I also got a free fitness membership for the year free. booyah!. Anyway, most of the tests were positive healthwise, blood pressure is awesome, but glucose is a little high, That is bad because it is the precursor to diabetes type 2, however it could have been elevated by the fast, and with me losing weigh and eating healthy it could curb the onset for years. I knew I was predisposed for it because of dad, even more of a reason for me to have done the fast and the change in lifestyle NOW.

For lunch I went to martins by my house which still has the grill and a fantastic salad bar, probably the best and cheapest in Richmond. It was delicious. You have to try the garlic vinaigrette it is killer!

I haven’t felt many hunger pains the last 14 hours, even truly fasting in prep for the blood work today. I was a little disappointed to see that I was at 171 at today’s weigh in with the nurse, but fluctuations are excepted when coming off the juice fast and I’m just happy to be healthier.. my only weight goal is a pound a week because my end date for calorie counting is next February. That should be super easy.


I tried on new clothes tonight and bought a pair of pants that were… wait for it. 40’s regular cut instead of 46-48’s loose!!!! That was awesome! I couldn’t believe it and they look great! I’ll post a pic.


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