Day 2 Break-fast

Day 2: well here is a new ‘fun’ thing…. I learned last night and today. My body hates me. Apparently, when coming off a fast you can experience hunger pains, that you DIDN’t have during the fast. In fact these ‘false’ pains can be pretty painful. I KNOW I’m full. But your brain wants you to kick it in overdrive to regain what was lost. Now more than ever i am I’m glad that I have this break-fast period, because otherwise someone ( i) could fall off the horse quickly with these pains. Drinking water and eating carrots helps. They don’t last forever.. thank god. The few places I found that talk about this say they last off and on from a few days to a week. Not too bad, and I can man up for that long. I fear gaining 50lbs back more than I fear a week of hunger pains, that by all accounts I probably should have had at the beginning of the fast. Also, I’m glad to hear this is normal and basically a false alarm. Because at 4am this morning I was a little worried.


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