Day 1 of Break-Fast

Day 1 of Break-Fast: Today went really well. Calories were 1350 and it included a nice salad with the contents of a blackened MahiMahi taco put on top from the night before. Tonight I had a nice night with a teriyaki tilapia dish from o’charleys… Lily had a price of fish and about half my rice. So i’m well on track to
My ultimate goal of a better life , I’m eating better and (lets
Be honest) fresher/higher quality/ tastier food.. I’m reallllly full with much smaller portions- a big win- my calorie count is still below that magic 1800 mark, and I’m staying clear of the stuff that could de-rail this quickly ( for me) namely red meat, potatoes, and pasta. As a bonus I have a lot of energy. The protein is really doing the job it normally doesn’t do… actually provide energy, and I can really feel it. This is going to be great!


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