Day 9

Day 9: The weekend was a big success I thought, I ate out twice and still managed to stay on diet! Yesterday, I tried a recipe I had seen on PBS the night before, green lemonade. It was quite good and naturally sweetened. I had to use cheese cloth to get rid of the pulp to make it more ‘juice like’ because the recipe called for a whole apple and a whole lemon (rind and all), the apple and the rind will not juice well In a blender, and you end up will an apple sauce consistency. But the cheese cloth worked well, It kinda sucks you really only use it the one time. I think they make cheese clothe or pulp bags that you can use more than once, maybe I’ll look into that. I have been feeling more lightheaded / dizzy lately, which is a sign of fasting in general, nothing to be concerned about, it is just discombobulating!


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