Day 7

Day 7- weekend!: so today started with a grape and strawberry breakfast juice with romaine , celery, and carrots, but the concoction came out bitter, I felt bad because my father-n-law tried and it was not a happy time! Thinking it was the greens I made a less green heavy drink and it came out bitter again! I didn’t know it but the newest batch of strawberries were bitter as hell! (BTW in retrospect it wasn’t just the strawberries I also blended the stalk of kale instead of just the leaves, opps)

At lunch I had less pleasing concoction with heavier greens and apple juice.. But i put corn in it since I had some open while feeding lily… Corn+juice=bad. Yuck, but I choked it down by alternating tangerine slices w/ big sips.

Dinner was out at ruby Tuesday’s and I had a nice green salad and they had balsamic vinegar by itself and that was a treat, I squirted some lime on it and then it more then made up for the crappy lunch.

After dinner everyone grabbed BR31 ice cream, & i so wished I could juice lactose free ice cream.. But then I thought why the hell not? I threw some banana & strawberries in the blender w/ a bunch of ice and some dry milk. Pushed ‘ice cream’ and presto I had juice ice cream!!!!! I love this blender.


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