Day 6 – pain in the pallette

Day 6: I hit the morning up with cantaloupe , strawberries and blackberries! I added romaine, carrots and celery like normal. The concotion had a nice purple hue, it was little bit on the green tasting side of things, which I’m guessing comes from a low sweetness level in the melon. It was all in all good though. It had a bit of grit from the blackberry seeds, I’m surprised they don’t breakdown as well as strawberry ones do.

Today at lunch I found out my vinegar spilled out in the bag, so the salad I had was fair dry. I tried squeezing some of the tangelo I had over it, but it was still very dry. No matter, you eat and move on. The beauty of this diet is that there is a definitive end to the madness. So a little pain in the palette is a small price to pain for the later gains I think. I need to save an old coke bottle and bring more of the vinegar to work with me, along with some lemons and limes. Staying strong.


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