Day 5 – Weigh in day 1

Day 5 – 1/12 of way there! : today I had what is becoming my standby breakfast… celery, romaine, carrots, strawberry and grapes, with ice and a tiny bit of apple juice. I went heavier on the greens then yesterday and I’ll keep trying to go heavier each time. Lunch is a simple salad of onions, romaine, and carrots with a handful of peanuts for protein and a banana for dessert and potassium. I put a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar over it and shook it up good.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning but I’ll try this afternoon, although your supposed to weigh at the same time each day. I’m not hungry which is pretty awesome! I don’t feel any thinner and my pants fit the same, but i shouldn’t expect too much from 5 days right?

I saw a 3 stooges short on tv the other night that made me laugh and helped with perspective. The stooges were panhandling and this guy asked Curly (the fat one), Guy: Sir when was the last time you’ve eaten. Curly: My lips haven’t tasted food in over two days sir. Guy: Don’t worry, it still tastes the same.

That’s the perspective I’m trying to take… in 60 days all the foods i loved will taste the same… well maybe (see post 2 days ago) I will hopefully just eat less of them and make better choices so that I won’t gain the weight I hope to lose back.


follow up – Day 5: supposedly I lost 13lbs in the last 5 days.. Most of that should be water weight, if it is even true, I’ll wait till day 10 to believe it.. but I’m excited for the future!


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