Day 49

Day 49: I had a great day, I built a shed with my future brother-in-law and that was definitely my exercise for the day. Tomorrow is day 50 and that milestone has not been lost on me, I’m excited about the weigh in and I’m trying to finish strong with more juices, since I’ve had to eat a lot of salads lately, I want to make sure I get these last ten days of full juicing in. Also, I want to talk about a conversation I had with Karen… She asked me is my plan to become some health nut vegan, etc…

I think while I have intentions to be healthier every day, part of the ‘better life’ picture I talked about a few weeks ago is the idea that I’m going to earn my treats. I’m going to eat healthy, juice, and eat salads so that every once in a while I can eat an amazing burger, not a cheap ass McDonalds everyday. or grab a slice of pie at bottoms up instead or tostinos a couple times a week. Plus it will help us save a lot of money, eating at home more and making great food. I’m soo excited about the future, and the steps I’m taking and my family is taking to get there.


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