Day 43

Day 43: I have been acutely aware that these posts seem a little holier than thou… but I believe that you gotta preach it to reach it and by that you need to change the way you speak if your going to make a change in yourself. I’ve met a lot of people that say they “couldn’t” do this diet… or I just couldn’t help myself to this chocolate cake. But the truth is yeah you could. You choose not to. There is POWER in choice, and recognizing you have a choice. I’m not going to get in to it (there’s a book for that ‘The Success Principles’) Look 42 days ago I spoke differently then I do now, I acted differently, and it may seem trite, shallow, or hypocritical, but dang it… real change has to start somewhere, and I think it starts with language. That may seem trite or holier than thou and even if people role their eyes and think your on a high horse.. well at least one day I’ll be a majestic male form on my valiant steed or at least a good Don Quixote impression.


One thought on “Day 43

  1. Hi Chris, I absolutely agree with you on what one says is very important, for instance, even God chose to SPEAK light, etc. into existence. In case you haven’t heard it, here’s a great, positive sermon related to this topic…

    By the way, thank you for sharing your 60-day fast. I plan to start my fast latest by Jan 1, 2013 or before.

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