Day 41

Day 41: My legs are sore. A good feeling and day 3 of jog/walking is successfully behind me. I hit a 8 minute jog last night (for those counting my first bit of training is 2 jog, 4 walk,) so basically I jogged though 3 intervals.) That was great!. My neighborhood is a 1.4mile loop with a lot of sidewalks and a little grade. I love that I can see my house at the end of the street, it is fun “running home” I need to get up to 6.2 miles., so I have a ways to go still but getting my stamina back up is the current goal. What is really cool is that my breathing recovery is shorter, and I can feel the lightness in the running like I hadn’t at any other time. That feeling is a great motivator! Hell, I dare anyone to go grab 34lbs and go for a mile walk. then lose the 34 lbs and do the same walk! Also, I have a new

FAQ: Is losing this much weight this fast healthy…. I don’t see why not, I do plan on checking with a doctor, but the way I see it, Docs put people on liquid and BRAT diets all the time. Gastric bypass surgery essentially has a juice diet at the very beginning for 30 days so you don’t mess up the stitching. And the people that have that diet lose a lot of weight. Besides it’s not like I’m not in control of this diet, I’m not sick, I was already healthy, if I needed to reverse course for health reasons I could do that. However, I think people hear “rapid ” weight loss and freak out. But you know what? I think I have a little bit of fatass reserves to get me through. It’s not like I’m skin a bones.


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