Day 40

Day 40!!!: 20 days to go in the fast! Today is another weigh in day, a little slower in weight loss but I did hit a major goal. 279lbs! (from 313) that’s 34 pounds! Plus I’m in the 270’s!!! If memory serves, I haven’t been in the 270’s since before college.
This is a good day. My guess is between a few beers at the Super Bowl and eating rice at japanese slowed my decent. Weirdly I am starting to notice… finally. First I had to had a notch to my belt to make it smaller. My feet have gotten smaller, my tennis shoes grommets are almost touching. Of course the left foot was still fairly swollen from the motorcycle injury, so I think the weight loss has really helped with getting that foot back to normal.

I’m beginning to get a clearer picture in my mind as to what living well in the future means. It’s taken me a while to understand what that means.. and not from a weight loss perspective. I mean, what does it mean to live well with a family, on a budget, eating healthy, dressing well, etc… I felt I had the single life down. I thought Karen and I had a good run at married life sans kids. But I’ve felt for a long time that as a family something was missing. We were going through motions without clear goals, or if we had goals we’d accomplish them and then flop to the next thing. What was really missing is the focus on the goal of life.. Those are easy when your in your teens and 20’s , Goals=graduate, good grades, marriage, girlfriend, job, psychiatric care, kids, God, etc… but what do you do after you got all that. How do you make “A good life” a goal that perpetuates itself. I’m still fuzzy on the details, but the picture is getting clearer for me.


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