Day 4

Day 4: Today I needed a juice in the win category, last nights debacle was something that I just couldn’t choke down this early in the morning. I made grape, strawberry, blackberry, carrot/celery juice this morning, and had a banana for dessert, because i forgot I had it to blend and I figured I probably needed some potassium. I went shopping last night to pick up more veggies and fruit, I’m hoping I don’t need to go shopping more then every 4 days, and I want to keep my future purchases under $40. I picked up unsalted peanuts and blackberries as a treat and I also grabbed some balsamic vinegar, which seems like a reasonable tradeoff for dressing since a teaspoon has 2g of carbs, and 0% everything else. tip: you can make a little dressing go a long way if you toss the salad in a zip lock bag.

I’ve yet to have hunger pains, though I feel a little out of body sometimes, which isn’t so bad considering some of the other side effect i’ve read about! I feel full too. I haven’t had the guts to get on a scale again, but I plan on doing that tomorrow. The plan is every 5 days. Hopefully there will be some progress. Even if there isn’t I plan on getting this done, at the very least I’m eating healthier then I ever have and this is a good addiction killer for McDonalds and other crap.

BTW my lunches lately (pre-fast) have almost all consisted of McDoanlds dollar menu items, because they are so cheap and across the street from where I work. When we were struggling to make ends meet I chose cheap over my health and I don’t regret that decision one bit. However, I am glad to know that for once I’m doing something worthwhile for my weight.


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