Day 37

Day 37: Last night was super bowl, the crunch and munch main event of the year… I have to give big props to Brian Korte for having awesome sourcreamless gauc and lots of veggies so that I did not have to chow on the other delicious looking food, this was actually the hardest moment of my diet… I had missed dinner and had to wing it on the healthy snacks, when. I knew that even a small bowl of chili would have done the trick. I stayed strong, and feel great about it.

A good friend I had not seen in a few months noticed that I had lost weight!

Yeah, I still don’t see it but that will change. She had lost a bunch too and I give big awkward hugs to all the ladies and guys out there getting healthier and making life changes. I look forward to being friends with you all for a long long time!


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