Day 34

Day 34: FAQ… I’ve been asked a LOT.. How do you feel? Do you feel different? and the answer is depressing. I want to say I feel great. but besides some soul healing, occasional dizziness, and lessening of gas.. I don’t “feel” any different.

When I was in high school I played football my junior year and that was the first time my skin felt different because I had gotten into shape I felt like a malaise had left my skin. That felt different!

I’m pretty blessed, and became content with myself a long time ago. So I actually have to dislike myself to do this a little, and getting to the point of disliking myself enough to take action.. or in this case inaction took a lot.

A lot of things have kept me going and help me stay on task.. all the people that read these posts, my family, the knowledge of being healthy for my kids, getting to wear cooler clothes, the knowledge you don’t see a lot of fat people over 70 yrs old. But feeling is not a driving force.. and honestly if you try to do this, that shouldn’t be a goal for you, because feelings come and go, you need to place your achievements in something that lasts.


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