Day 30- weigh in day and half way point!

DAY 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: THE HALFWAY POINT! TODAY I HIT 288LBS! So I finally hit the plateau I guess. But that’s ok, I think my sciatica is reducing, which means I can hit the streets exercising. Also, I’m going to begin significantly reducing the fruit I use. Lower carb calories should allow for more weight loss. Also, I’ve decided after much research on how to break the fast 30 days from now. The plan is to replace a single meal with a more traditional meal. Also, I’m not going to go back to red meat for awhile, at least another 30 to 60 days. Also, and this is the hard part… no pasta or potatoes for the same time… that includes periogies!!!! This may seem hard.. but I’m still eating salads and juicing for my other 2 meals so really i’m just looking at changing a small portion of my diet. I also want to work on portion control. This is the hardest part I think. But hey I think this is the right way to go. What do you all think?


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