Day 28

Day 28: I had an amazing salad at Amuse @vmfa yesterday, it had pomegranate and butternut squash on it.. And i learned that I liked both of those.. go fig… I had to hit up the grocery tonight because I was running low on a few things, especially grapes. I’m still well on budget for this diet $<40 every 4-5 days and that is just great.. It is much cheaper then going out every night, But not as cheap as box meals and pasta. However, if you look at surgery and other eight loss programs that require a buy in, this is cheaper then those. I also hit up olive garden tonight for. Dinner with the fam. Never ending salad bowl was great just knock off the cheese and croutons. A good friend found the bread too tempting so it had to leave the table… I’m surprised at how little the breadsticks bothered me, but the smell of fresh baked rosemary bread yesterday really tempted me. No worries though nothing is going to stop me, plus I’m 2 days away from the half way point, how frigging awesome is that!!!!


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