Day 12

Day 12: I saw that hostess filed for bankruptcy today, I guess I knew that if I went on a diet it would hurt the economy. Watch out McDonalds if this keeps up then your days are numbered. In juice news, I went shopping for produce last night since I was almost out. I bought a seedless watermelon to try. I also bought a bunch of limes and lemons for making limeades. I’ve settled into a routine now with my juicing and I’m not experimenting as much. I think I fear the unknown a bit more now, because of how bad some of the things I’ve eaten have been. I’ll try a few new things soon enough, but i want this batch of greens to go away first. The protein powder doesn’t dissolve very well, but as least it helps make the juice smooth. I know that I really need to start walking/jogging again. I’m worried that since this diet has carbs from fruits in it, that I’m going to hurt myself by not burning some of that off in other ways. I have noticed that I’m having trouble waking up in the morning… I know what your thinking “chris how would you know?” well, it just feels harder, then again there is a lot going on and it might just be stress.


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